Friday, November 06, 2009

They keep killing our heroes

Listening to my favourite show on Radio 4, Desert Island Discs, and they've got Jerry Springer on which is an unexpectedly interesting listen. He's talking about working for Bobby Kennedy (another political hero of mine) and how he felt when they killed Martin Luther King and then Bobby. I just felt the impact of how suddenly the purity of the 60's where everything was possible and hopeful - where people felt that they could save the world, change minds and times, stop wars and make peace - was smacked with despair and desolation by these deaths. Because a few horrid men somewhere in a distant room made the decision to kill our heroes.

Even today, we allow these shadows to keep killing our heroes and taking away our champions. The real ones, not the glorified icons of today. I am going to do what I can to make it stop.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A load of bull

An unbelievable art display just opened in Beijing: Chinese artist Chen Wenling critiques the global financial crisis in What You See Might Not Be Real, on display at a Beijing gallery. The bull is said to represent Wall Street, while the man pinned to the wall represents jailed financier Bernard Madoff. Brilliant.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Beautiful eyefuls

Bags at Portobello Market

Photos Lee took on some walks we have taken.

Friday, July 31, 2009

honntha the ekak oney

I'm missing my good old strong Lankan cup of tea, pic courtesy of my buddy Russell Miranda.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

An absence of wonder

I have once again, lapsed in writing. I think these past few months have been a lot to take in, and I felt like I didn't want to write for the time being. The emotion of having the war end, was overwhelming, but also what had been done - the immense damage - was just a lot to grasp. I didn't feel like celebrating, I felt unsure, worried, elated and extremely concerned. Oddly, many of my friends, acquaintances and family felt the same - there was no way we were going to celebrate how this war had killed so many ruthlessly. But I did feel a semblance of happiness for the future - and that is when I realised that my blog had become mainly about war and death and destruction and pain and suffering. And I want that to change.

Though this is still the feeling of so many in my country, I believe it is time to help them pick up the pieces and move forward. Together - and now that the LTTE has been put to rest, we can all work towards a common goal of rebuilding our tiny island and making it what it was destined to be: a unified multi-ethnic harmonious country.

Friday, May 22, 2009

The Eelam Virus by Sebastian Rasalingam

The Eelam Virus*


Thousands of protesters gather on Parliament Hill in Ottawa on Tuesday, April 21, 2009, to ask for the Canadian government to intervene in what they are calling a genocide of Tamils in Sri Lanka. (AP)

I have cringed with pain and clutched my head in anguish, watching my grand children's friends in Scarborough, Ontario, going out, with their friends, to join protest marches in the streets of Toronto. These young people are given the Tiger flag which is an insult to the best traditions of Hindu society or the Christian values taught by the prince of peace. These young people shout slogans and talk of the genocide of Tamils in Sri Lanka. Most of them actually believe that they are doing the "right thing". They think they are demonstrating for a "just cause". They think "Our people are being shelled, bombed. Those who escape are locked away in concentration camps and probably gassed like in Auschwitz. We have to pressure the Canadian government to demand an immediate ceasefire". They have seen movies and videos showing exactly that, and they need no other proof. After all, "there are young Tamils immolating themselves in London and Geneva. So all this must be true. Every Tamil grocery has these newspapers telling what is going on". Oh, what a delusion!

These slogan shouting people take me back to another era. In the 1950s, when we were relatively young, the political demonstrations launched by the Ilankai Thamil Arasu Kadchi were an attractive line of political action. I certainly felt that "Sinhala ONLY" was utterly unfair by us Tamils. But then, I somehow felt that the cry for "driving out the invaders from the Tamil homelands" was a dangerously racist, extremist cry. I went to live in Hatton and then Colombo. The society that I found in the Sinhalese areas was much more just and equitable than the social ethos of Jaffna and Mannar that I had already seen. The Tamils in Colombo had a dominant position in commerce, banking, professions and every walk of life. I felt that we, too, could easily prosper in Sri Lanka, even with Sinhala only or virtually no Tamil, just as the Jews have done in New York, with no Yiddish recognized as a national language. I began to understand the evilness of individuals like S. J. V. Chelvanayagam and E. M. V. Naganathan. The latter's pride in announcing that he was a descendant of the Chola aristocracy was particularly repugnant to me as I had seen the hard side of the Manu Dharma. Why didn't the Tamil leaders support the socialists who supported "Parity of Status" for the two languages? Why are the Tamil
leaders living in Colombo instead of relocating to the "Traditional homelands"? Would the Tamils in the North and the East be able to settle down in the south if the "Tamil homelands" policy were achieved? Would the Tamils living in the south be deported to the North if Arasu were achieved? Surely, Sinhalese discrimination against Tamils is nothing compared to what I and my wife, an estate Tamil, had to face within the Tamil society.

I could doubt the political programme that was gaining ground among the Tamils because I happened to be an educated low-caste Tamil with Estate-Tamil connections. The Tamil politicians worked very hard to polarize the people and drive a wedge between the two ethnic groups. The Arasu Kadchi people were actually happy that the Banda-Chelva accord was torn asunder. Ethnic division was necessary for creating the exclusive "Tamil homelands" Given such an inflammatory extra-parliamentary objective, the final struggle had to be war.

Looking at the young men going out to demonstrate in the streets of Toronto, I see them as just a continuation of the delusion initiated by the Chelvanayagams and Naganathans, already in 1949. Communist intellectuals and their young student activists blindly supported Stalin even when overwhelming evidence was presented to show that Stalin was a mass murderer. Today, the Tamil Diaspora is similarly blinded by its own beliefs and fails to accept the truth.

Instead of joining with the Sri Lankan government to defeat and decapitate Prabhakaran, instead of coming forward to help the displaced Tamils, the LTTE-conscripted children, and hostages who have managed to flee, the Diaspora is waving the Tiger flag. If 10,000 Tamils all over the world demonstrated for a week, even at the minimum wage of $8 per hour, this is a capital investment of over $6 million dollars totally wasted. According to Jane's Intelligence, if we aggregate the collection made from the Diaspora over two decades, there is enough money to
pension all the Sri Lankan Tamils, 3 million or more, at a standard of living never dreamed of. Instead, we used that money to supply the Tigers with claymore bombs, RPGs, AK-47s and the likes. Even the Tsunami aid was diverted for war. Meanwhile we created a Mafia to plague us.

Is there NO LIMIT to hate based on this "Eelam Virus"?

The IDP camps in Vavniya are far better than the IDP camps in India. The Diaspora has not risen to help our Tamils in the IDP camps in Sri Lanka or India. Instead, it chooses to wave Tiger flags in western capitals and use political blackmail by "fasting unto death", immolation and such undemocratic methods.

The Tamil Diaspora has to cure itself of the Eelam Virus. Then and then only can it help the Tamils.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Con artists

A picture says a thousand words. The picture released on Tamilnet:

The real picture, notice the girl with blue veil on righthand side with a very fancy Nikon camera, in the war-zone:

The fact is, I am not saying the shelling of innocents did not take place. But I am saying that a fair number of the Tamil diaspora media are massive manipulators - now that the LTTE is finished, we can hope for more true pictures to come out. After all, the GOSL has no excuse now not to show us what is really happening.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

More Lankan thoughts

A couple of blogs - here are some more real views from some real Sri Lankans



Sunday, May 17, 2009

And so this day has come

Far beyond my imagination - I did not expect the war to end so soon. There is a great deal of work to be done, starting with the welfare, rights and rehabilitation of our Tamil people who have been suffering for too long.

I am glad to see the LTTE cower into a small guerilla group, they are finished - no doubt in my mind that this isn't over, i know there will be more suicide bombings, attacks and calls from tiny caves and lame websites saying this is not over. But it is, that chapter is closed, and the country which i have only known as a war-ridden island is now free of war in one scale. It has been an emotional day for Sri Lankans, at home and abroad - but that is what we are - we are all Sri Lankans, and we are united whether we like it or not, in a semblance of shock, relief, fear and emotional compassion for those who we know need it most.

For my family who are not here any more to see this day, as many others will be thinking now, I feel a great sense of loss. It was not what I imagined it to be, there are clear cut celebrations at home with people feeling the gravity of this situation possibly moreso. After all, the country has beat it's enemy. But the enemy was never the Tamil people, just a meglomaniacal group of people who lost the plot a long time ago.

Word is that the top leadership have killed themselves Hitler style, fled the scene (no surprise) or have been killed without knowledge yet. Soosai's wife, daughter and son were captured fleeing with Rs. 600,000/- in cash in bags, gold and jewelry - that's one way of caring for your people.

The fact is, I feel refreshed today. I feel like we can really implement the change that my generation has spoken about for many months and years... we can finally show the world that Sri Lanka is full of united, warm-hearted and constructive people who want their country to be all that it can be, after living in the shadow of war for over 30 years. We are not Tamil-hating, malicious, nationalistic war mongers like the West believes so. And we are a tiny island nation who managed to bring a terrorist organisation to it's knees - without the help of the big super-powers who are still battling with their own around the world.

To this day I say thank God we are able to be a part of history. And only each of us as individuals can make the change we want to see - we can't leave it to others to see our aspirations through.

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Mad hattering

Another sunny day in London last weekend and we did a shoot for a night that Tasha is putting on in June with Nicholas and Gaultier. A Mad-hatters Tea Party - complete with bands and the like. Money going for a good cause, so dressing up with a positive vibe.

It was a great set and the players were incredibly easy to work with - Lee took the photos.

weekend traces

Had a fantastic weekend in Wales, Fforest is the peaceful place I love going to, to just chill away time doing things we lack in the city. Like gardening, long walks, several cups of tea and sunshine. Though we had a couple of grey days - it was perfect. Had a super day out for Lauren's birthday, we went to this restaurant in Llangsteffan where the owners open their house up to you and you can dine in their ecclectic designed dining room, complete with fantastic wall-to-wall photos and fairy lights. They serve you delicious Sunday roast and pudding for 10 quid a head and its BYOB.

They are an eccentric pair, previously film-makers - they have a cellar which is filled with cardboard boxes that they started throwing down there with the aim to recycle, but it was filled to the point that you just walk in there and bounce around. So they invite the local kids from the village to go in, screaming and jumping - throwing the boxes at each other and Tim (owner) stands outside flicking the light on and off. Ok, so a bit random to read, but damn fun to experience.

Though I have to say, we felt pretty worse for wear the next day - and Jesse sweetly drove us back to London. Blurgh.

So. My Uncle Tom has got a blog, and I thought I ought to big it up - he is a famous photographer and a great one at that! Here is a photo he took of Aunty Sriyani many years ago right after they were married... this is on one of our gorgeous Lanka beaches.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

New place to debate

A new blog to debate the Sri Lankan turmoil, new posts, new participants and old. And replies/answers to those who have been commenting.

Waging Peace

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Temporary safety

Tamil's fleeing the LTTE's clutches... the truth will come out slowly but surely - the real Tamil people who have been living the war, unlike many (NOT ALL) people who have been living abroad and away from the carnage. As I have said, I do not support the Govt of Sri Lanka but I do support the fact that these Tamil refugees who deserve a much better life, one equal to mine, will more likely get it on the Govt side, as long as they do not sit with the LTTE who are forcing them to suffer too. Because, hey guess what? This could be the beginning of a new chapter... one that only we, the Sri Lankan people, can make.

I do not deny that in the past, the Sri Lankan Government have made grave mistakes, stupid decisions and racist policies from 1948 on, that hurt the Tamil people and resulted in their cry for a separate homeland. But that cry, made by accident during a passionate speech in 1970's has now resulted in the absolute suffering of the very people it was designed to protect. Therefore, I ask - give us the Sri Lankan people, all of us - Muslim, Sinhalese, Burgher and Tamils in the rest of the country - a chance to prove that we are no longer of that time, and of that horrible/shameful place where there were majorities and minorities. I truly believe the country that many of you do not know, has changed drastically. You can see it in the silent, humanitarian efforts by civilians - just yesterday I know that 10,000 litres of water were purchased at a personal cost, and shipped up to the Vanni for the refugees. This is just one tiny example of the show of care and compassion of the people for their brothers and sisters.

The Muslim Council of Sri Lanka is galvanising massive cooking facilities which are being set up in the NE to feed the refugees fresh food - at the personal cost of the group who have pulled this together. Now you might say that oh I thought the Muslims were put down by the LTTE, slaughtered in villages and mosques when the LTTE conducted their own ethnic cleansing in the mid 1990's. But has this stopped the Muslims reaching out to the Tamils? No. Because today, in this time of crisis the Sri Lankan people do not associate the LTTE with Tamil people. And that is the kind of compassion and attitude that exists in Sri Lanka amongst a majority of people - forgiveness, remorse and an aim to rebuild. So anyone who says or thinks otherwise, join the current hypocritical bandwagon and bring it on - we'll show you the truth. And you will recede back into your cave of provoking and racial divisiveness.

BBC talks to Tamils fleeing the LTTE hold
- how does one dispute this? How do the Tamil's protesting hoist the LTTE flag on Parliament Square in Westminster in protest when the LTTE are clearly killing their own? Let us start our own united movement to ensure the rights of the Tamil people without violent, hypocritical intent.

I will soon reply the many who have left their rather uncompromising comments on my blog, however in the meantime, read this article by a right-thinking, moderate Tamilian:

Are you Tamil? Time for some soul-searching

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Tagore perfect

From his English translation:

Where the clear stream of reason has not lost its way into the
dreary desert sand of dead habit;
Where the mind is led forward by Thee into ever-widening
thought and action -
Into that heaven of freedom, my father, let my country awake.

Friday, April 17, 2009

More diaspora talk

Been catching up on the buzz around the current protests from the Tamil community here and around the world. Seems that some prominent members of the Tamil diaspora were invited by the Sri Lankan Govt a few weeks ago to visit for talks and they were then taken to refugee camps and transit camps of their choice to see the real ground situation and talk to their people.

Interesting finds:

Diaspora calls on LTTE to release Tamil civilians

The Island Speaks

A new gallery

A friend of mine has just opened her own Gallery in Colombo - congratulations Saskia, can't wait to see it finally. For now, check out a quick breakdown on her intentions:

The Saskia Fernando Gallery

Cool idea

Great new website that we hope to be working with - which is all about helping young creatives to get a foot in the door to help their careers shoot off.

A moderate voice

An article by Nirmala Rajasingham - prominent voice of the real moderate diaspora, former member of the LTTE and sister to Rajani Thiranagama who co-authored The Broken Palmyra and was assassinated by the LTTE for her views.

She explores the twisted intentions and unfortunately disillusioned beliefs behind the current protests by the Tamil communities who live abroad and how they do not match those of their sisters and brothers who are in the middle of the war. Those who are suffering and have had everything taken away. Those that this war is really about. Yes, some of the Tamil people living here in the UK and other parts of the world are ones that fled this same war, but then they seemed to have forgotten that the LTTE too were pointing the gun at them. SO, we have to carve a place in the middle, where Tamils, Sinhalese, Muslims, Chetties and Burghers can have a moderate voice together - not in support of either extreme but one of new change, supporting the right to equality and justice.

I have had the fortune to know Nirmala and I support her views - she is the kind of voice that we need to support. One that encourages moderate voices to grow stronger within the diaspora, she is the inbetween that I feel I belong to - not at all a supporter of the LTTE and cautious of the Govt's intentions and methods.

Read her article here on

Thursday, April 16, 2009

France and Britain call it like it really is

The LTTE have been officially criticised (finally!) for holding back the civilians, using them as human shields and labour to hold their trenches while they fire back at the Army. This has emerged in the last 48 hours as a few hundred people have escaped the safe zone into the Govt territory during the temporary ceasefire. We knew this was happening however it is good to finally hear it coming from the international community.

I once again, I DO NOT CONDONE govt actions whereby innocent people die at the hands of guns, shells and bombs. I am against war - but the LTTE want war and we cannot allow them to intimidate their own people, let alone the rest of Sri Lanka. However, we know that these innocents would not be dying if the LTTE did not hold them hostage so as to use their innocent deaths to their own media advantage in order to prolong their existence.

France and Britain condemn LTTE

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Tamil innocent's ordeal

Sri Lankan Tamils tell of ordeal at the hands of the Tamil Tigers:

BBC Article

You can't argue with hard facts and first hand accounts. It is what so many of us feared was happening, but in a small way it is a relief to finally hear the truth.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Wales = wonderful

Just on the last few hours of our lovely easter break to Brechfa. It has been a luscious 4 days of sunshine, quiet time and wonderful company. Have missed being down here, you can hear the birds sing, the lambs baa and well pretty much anything that you're normally supposed to hear above the din of regular city life.

It has been super fun, Tasha, Helena and Danny down with us, along with the Turgels and Davies. Bobby and Netta have done up Fforest over the winter and it looks gorgeous, not to mention the front room is warm and cosy: we tried it out last night complete with amazing roast dinner and Helena's version of 'Articulate' which was hysterical.

We went to the beach, collected mussels and cooked them for dinner. We planted seedlings in Netta's garden, painted easter eggs all day yesterday, fired up the sauna, Lee built a style for the new field and we went for a massive walk today which was perfect to end the weekend with. I love being down here, it puts the mind in perspective and helps to clear the rubbish from the good stuff. I needed it, now I just need to put my ideas into action and not allow London to bring me down. Its the perfect place to be if one wants to be in the creative industry, so I'm just going to throw myself in there and see what happens.

Pictures to follow.

LTTE Let my people go

Ceasefire has been called, two days is better than nothing - shows more willingness than the LTTE and now, they won't let the Tamil people go. What kind of sick minds do they possess? Thing is they realise that if they do, it will be the end of them because they will lose their cover and be singled out to be beaten by the army, irrelevant of whether we think it is right or wrong.

So instead, they sacrifice the ones they love and are supposed to protect.

I've had some comments left on my blog by someone who claimed not to know anything about the Sri Lankan conflict and asked me for more information. I then received a rather odd comment from the same person today with a link to a video of the army filming dead bodies of the LTTE cadres and this person citing a sudden opinion on how bad the army is. Quite laughable - when are the outsiders going to realise that you can't assume anything and you can't just immediately take this conflict as black and white. I thought that video was sick, but then war is sick, war is dark and war is a violent means for a struggle that goes drastically wrong almost every time. If this person wants to challenge and talk about this conflict - at least have the balls to leave me their email address. Not just anonymously leaving comments. Plus the whole blog she/he found that video on was in Tamil, so how do they know it is legit? Unless they aren't who they say they are.

Also - Stop the War Coalition. Come on, I was even on their list of volunteers, now I might have to think twice as they joined the demonstration against the genocide of the Tamils over the weekend. What message are they sending as an impartial group when they side with terrorist supporters? Again, not so black and white because these protesters are fighting for many reasons, one which I support wholeheartedly - the freedom and safety of the 1000's of Tamils trapped in the war zone. But we know who is responsible for their suffering - LTTE. And whose flags did these protestor's wave at the demo's? The LTTE. Confusing, isn't it?

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

To the Tamil people

Violence breeds extremism. The power and violent hungry of the world want fanatics and extremism so that they can control us further, tell us what to do and what to believe. Scare us into thinking we need their protection, need them to make our daily rightful decisions for us. What we need is moderates - think about all the political killings we have witnessed in our lifetimes, who do they target? Who are they killing? Moderates. People who talk peace, compromise and keenness to stop violence. We need to encourage moderate views - not to be tricked through religion and morals, but the right to choice. I have grown up with a war all my life and I am sick of having to watch these extremists warp the life that I (and so many others) have the right to live.

"Children are tools to implement God's means" Taleban recruiter, Dispatches interview.

Look what we have done, look at what we have allowed in our short lifetime - take the Taliban out of Afghanistan, free the oil rich and regionally strategic land so that few may enjoy their lives in full. But then the Taliban move into Pakistan and turns it into a melting pot of extremism, so now we sit and watch as it turns on itself and it's own people. Once a strong contender as one of Asia's leading countries, now a tug of war tool between several hopeful parties.

We allowed that.

I have been feeling incredibly overwhelmed these past few months. I am torn between what to believe and what I should do. This war, our war, has got so completely out of control - there are people being brainwashed on all sides (2nd generation Tamils living abroad, Sri Lankans living in the south, Tamils in the East) I mean how are we supposed to find peace and resolution when we can't even get our hands on the truth? Why is something so crucially fundamental to our lives as humans on this earth, so unattainable? I won't even touch upon the devil's tool that is the media, and I am sick and tired of watching what few misguided individuals use as "news".

The fact is, we the innocent people of Sri Lanka - Sri Lankans all over the world (because that's what we are: irrelevant of Tamil, Muslim, Sinhala, Chetty) the fact is if we deplore apartheid and Rwandan genocide then we have to deplore the outrageous acts of violence against innocents in the north and east of our country, by BOTH the LTTE and the government.

I deplore the LTTE, I find that they are skewing the truth more so than most - they lie to their people and they shoot upon those who they are supposed to be defending. What kind of freedom fighters are they? I will never support them or their cause, because they are not true to their roots. I feel so sorry for the Tamil people, the real Tamil people who are caught in the middle, those who have just wanted nothing but to live a life that provides them with education, shelter, food, joy and freedom. Basic Human Rights.

The Tamil people in foreign lands, they have not asked these innocents what it is they really want - they are not for Eelam. They just want freedom. If the diasphora wanted peace (which they would if they would stop funding the guns that are shooting their own people) then they would fight for it another way. Instead they march to Westminster and put on a show of "solidarity" to shout about the genocide of the GOSL against their people. They wave the hideous flags of the Tamil Tigers but are they so blind? What word of their brother's and sister's who are shot by the emblem of these flags - the Tigers? I believe these protesters are just afraid, afraid that if this war ends, if the LTTE lose, then they will have to go back to their "beloved" land. And that is NOT part of their agenda.

I feel guilty. I feel sick to my stomach each day as I scour websites, news and hear from my friends and family back home - I feel this is my war, my fault that it is happening and my responsibility to change it. The Tamil people are my people. I am half Ceylon Moor, quarter Colombo Chetty and quarter Sinhalese - I am proud of my heritage and even though the history of my country is marred with violence and despicable acts of injustice against its' own people - I still stand as a Sri Lankan because as long as I am alive, I have the ability to change it.

We are not against each other - I am 29 years old and I know there are hundreds of thousands of Sri Lankans around the world and at home who are in a similar age bracket, who all harbour a secret opinion about this ethnic conflict. We are the future, we are the ones who can make this all change. Let me send a question to the 2nd generation Tamil people - do you really believe all that you hear? Are you going to blindly accept what your parents, uncles and aunts tell you about who is right and who is the real enemy? Yes I agree with you 100% that people are suffering in our country and they should not be. And yes, you have a reason to feel badly done by - we have let you down.

But - BUT - do you honestly believe that the picture is so black and white? That "Sinhalese people hate you and want to annihilate you"? If you do, then you are too far gone and far too narrow-minded to want to change. Have you met real Sinhalese people? The Sinhala and Muslim and several other ethnic minorities (smaller than you!) do not want you dead and gone, we want to work together - we want to make it good again and leave behind all this death and destruction. Imagine what we could achieve if we decided to work together, as a team - to change the way our country worked.

I leave the ball in your court. I am ready to listen and want to work with you to make this change happen.

Costume party

Jim had a rocking house party (a great one after a long time) out by Caledonian Road, and the theme was come as "what you wanted to be when you grow up". From Sponge Bob Square Pants, a cool dude strapped to a Penguin to my very own sister as Wonder Woman - it was pretty fun.

Lee found his grandpa's fantastic RAF Uniform which fit him perfectly and I went as, yes, a dancer. But not just any dancer, a flashdance dancer! (Better said in Nebraska American accent).

A Librarian, Ballerina and 80's street dancer

Thursday, March 26, 2009

No more lies

All I can see these days is all sorts of humanitarian bodies claiming to be the ones really helping the people in the North who are suffering inconceivable pain and emotional trauma. It is such a sickness to show off, these groups whether it be TRO or COHHRT or whatever new name it gives itself - I definitely agree that they are doing some amazing work up there, helping those who need it but if you read their reports you will find a very sickly interjection of how much they are doing. Good samaritans don't call out their own names when doing good for others. Quite vain. In an ugly time.

Of course they have to justify what they do each day to make sure their donors in the Tamil diasphora are satisfied their money is being put to good use. Not to support the lifestyles of those who live abroad, supposedly manning phones and writing more detrimental commentary on the internet.

Why don't these groups realise that we can see through this? Of course, I want someone to be able to help the Tamil people - they are being brutally hurt and they are my people and I want them to be safe, even though GUESS WHAT? I am not Tamil.

It makes me so furiously angry to see these poor people being used as tools for the betterment of a cause that as they face the next shelling, (I bet you) couldn't care less about. How dare political groups like the TRO speak for those people? Were they nominated? Were they asked to? No. Please continue the samaritan work for these people, but stop talking for them - their new "on the spot report" is just another way to poison the minds of the people watching on the sidelines. The fact is, the LTTE is losing this war and they will lose.

This bothers many people, many of those who have supported this war, at any cost. The govt is not at all innocent either - believe me I am as aware as they come. However, they are winning this fight and those 'people' don't want it to happen, and so are using the shield of the innocents to fight in a different way. How sick, sick sick is that? The LTTE are firing upon their own people. The LTTE are not the Tamil people's representatives anymore, they lost the plot Hitler-style many years ago.

My question is, who is really going to step up and save the Tamil people, while their own watch them suffer across the water?

Monday, March 23, 2009

The unoriginals

For some bizarre reason I've noticed a sudden surge in Ghostbuster themed adverts:

Citroen crap

118 118 embarrassing

Seems some ad agencies are really scraping the bottom of the barrel.

Friday, February 13, 2009


Some really cool stuff that people are doing around the world - it's nice to just lose yourself in it. Great photographs of great art, all on

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

telling the truth

In an ever changing world, the truth is harder and harder to get to. We rely so heavily upon the media to tell us the facts, that we forget that the media is governed not by an infinite body of honest people but by those with an agenda. Where we watch movies filled with conspiracies, plots filled with doubt and mistrust, it is not surprising that in real life we discount even the most reliable sources (such as the date inside the frame of a camera that is recording).

We are so influenced by the world cynicism that we can't even allow ourselves to distinguish between the fact that people are being killed in NE Sri Lanka and Gaza - and the reason for it. Irrespective of race and religion. The fact that the BBC won't air the Gaza appeal is a perfect example of an agenda - it shows they are obviously too afraid to anger the Jewish community that sits so silently and forebodingly in the background.

I have been battling internally these past few days with the pictures and words I have seen, and the accounts I have been reading - who do we trust? How do we really win a war? How do we allow people to be freed without risking the evil snake of a rebel group to rearm and cause more destruction? How in the hell did we get into this mess? And why, after 30 years of war can we not just have an honest agenda?

I am sick and tired of not knowing who to believe - who do you trust? Its incredible how often one faces that question in a day in the life of. Do I trust the guy selling me tube ticket on the street? Do I trust the news source on my computer screen? Do I trust the label? Do I trust an acquaintance's efforts to be concerned with my life? I mean when did the world get so distrustful (is that even a word?)?.

I've just finished reading a book on JFK but it cites RFK's struggle post assassination to search for the truth ("Brothers" by David Talbot). It reignited my crazed obsession with the Kennedy's and showed me how the world shifted so sharply towards cynicism and weariness in such a short period of time.

Ok, rant over. I just believe it's time to do something and stop sitting back and taking all the crap that the media and "experts" keep giving us - how and why is it so hard to find something so simple like the truth? So, screw mistrust or distrust (I need a dictionary) - I'm going to clear my head, and start all over again.

Monday, January 26, 2009

The world as you *don't* see it

Found this super data world mapper site, which shows you the world maps according to different subject matter, so for example:

World Poverty:

Territory size shows the proportion of all people living on less than or equal to US$2 in purchasing power parity a day.
Absolute poverty is defined as living on the equivalent of US$2 a day or less.

World population:

World carbon emissions:

The world fuel consumption (this includes gas, coal, oil, nuclear, wood, and other materials):

Makes you think. You can enter any data subject and it could show you a world map in relation:

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Some great stuff I've found lately. The world is full of insanely amazing personalities and ideas:

M.I.A.'s sister's jewelry brand in UK:

moments of change

I haven't felt this optimistic in months when it comes to the world political stage. I battle with sounding like a cheesy commentator from a typical American film, but the fact is - anyone who wants to be cynical or roll their eyes, step back away from me. I am thrilled beyond comprehension about today - the day that Barack Obama takes his oath. Because today, we are all a part of history and nothing will change that. A black man who is talking about peace and unilateral attitudes. Yes!

It is ironic because who knows, a few months from now everyone will be moaning and erring that Obama is just the same as the others. All I will say to that is we all have to come to terms with the fact that he won't be able to snap his fingers and change the world. But that its him stepping up on to that stage and not the old, half man half bionic mess of a guy McCain, is a huge step in the right direction. I feel that people are going to be a little more open to letting this guy try and do his job.
He is going to struggle with oil barons, tobacco lobbyists and drug company bastards who want to stop healthcare reform but at the same time, he will have peace mongers the world over, stepping up to help him. So who's to say?

In this moment of blissful perfection, where anything is possible and the world is united in celebration (well, almost everyone in some way or form) - I am damn happy to be alive to jump up and down with a flag in my hand and say, hell yes we can.