Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Basil issues

So I popped down to my favourite luncherie Oishi - "pan-Asian" cuisine you know. The Vietnamese guy I often chat to about the world and how to put it to right informed me that there wasn't any basil in my delicious chicken Viet Salad. I questioned as to why, and he said it was because of the problems in Thailand.


It dawned on me - thanks to the protester fiasco in Bangkok with the airports and such, we have no basil because they haven't been able to fly much out. How crazy is that? The world is truly a small place where a little Vietnamese joint in Clerkenwell can be affected by a justice-driven protest all the way across the world.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

The Spaghetti Pony Wedding

Absolutely breathtaking and emotional from start to finish - Glyn and Ella's wedding, the official pictures taken by the talented Mere. It was a beautiful day, starting at Hackney Town Hall and moving on to the St John Smithsfield Restaurant for a blow out party... Old friends got together after ages and new friends were made that day. The ceremony moved me to tears and made me feel so very grateful to be a part of such a close group of friends, and to be able to witness two people so very meant for each other.

Plus Helena had the most amazing sailor outfit with awesome hair-do. Go figure.

The sweet American miracle

Thank God the Americans woke up that day and picked Barack Obama - I can't believe he is the U.S. President. These are important times and there is hope yet.

Monday, November 03, 2008


I cannot believe how lucky I am to live in these times. Of course things are tough and war plagues us as does the ever mutating financial crisis. But we are living in a time where a big change could be on it's way - in the form of America's first black presidential candidate and the mere possibility that he could win.

I grew up with history books talking about Martin Luther King and how that fight just couldn't be won. This time, it's not about black and white which is amazing to think - have we hopefully on some level moved on from that?

And of course no one is saying that Obama is perfect but what he is - is DIFFERENT.

I feel like it's my country that was voting. Thank God George Bush is on his way out, because maybe we might find a way to put things back on track towards right.

Come on Obama! Though he makes me say cheesy things - I'll let that slide.

Friday, October 10, 2008

New Yoik

What a rocking city. Amazing, incredible, fantastic. I love adjectives. I had strange expectations of the city that never sleeps, and I was also expecting it to be a bit rubbish. So it was exciting to set off on a trip there.

One problem is going to a city on holiday - Lee would rather go out into the country, I often have stars in my eyes with romantic notions of a city I've read about, seen films in and generally want to visit. Its the same about the countryside, just different.

My parents were visiting with us in London for a month which was so wonderful, I loved having them in the next room when I woke up - it was so good for the soul to hang out with them.

So Lucas Stauffer was getting married (blast from the past) and they had invited us to their intimate wedding in New York City. So we went for 5 glorious sun-filled days. NYC has a vibe of its' own. It is massive, the buildings are massive, the food portions, the cars, the signboards - everything is flipping massive. But there is a buzz that you just can't put your finger on and you just can't beat. Thankfully it was not "American" in the negative way, it was more like "Goodfellas" most of the time which was super. Especially at the wedding, Nanoonie!

We visited Central Park on the first day, walked around taking all the large buildings and roadways in. You could easily just stand on a street corner and take it all in for an hour. We met up with Af - it was weird seeing him in this new city, calling it his own, telling me which block he was staying on etc. But it suited him and he was happy, so that is most important.

Day 2 - Lee, Tash and I walked from our hotel off Broadway all the way down to Greenwich Village for lunch where we met Cindy Stauffer after 10 years which was amazing. Then Lee and I walked down to the Hudson River and took in the sights. We missed the last ferry to Stanton Island which we didn't mind, it was actually cooler seeing it from afar. It was also September 11th and we were right by Ground Zero which really fascinated me. I'm such a news and current affairs junkie since my journalist days and being at the centre of where the modern world changed - well it was moving. We had just missed Obama and McCain's visit to the site to lay flowers.

That night we met Lucas and his bride to be Martha - what a hottie. They had all been through some rough times so it felt extremely special to all be together after so long and celebrate something happy.

The next few days went by in a blur - Lee and I visited Cunning New York, had lunch with Mark and Floyd - what a cool bunch they are. It was hard not to say "so do you need another team member?" their offices were slap bang in the middle of Soho - they had windows! Good vibe there.

It poured with rain that afternoon, Lee and I bought a $5 umbrella, which was more like a $1 one - it was crap. But we had fun exploring Soho in the rain, running into shops and photo galleries. We then all went to dinner with Af at the Buddha Bar in the meatpacking district which was awesome. But oh one two many sake's which hurt the next day.

Been too long

What the hell men? Its been 3 months, again. So much has happened.

I've cut off all my hair for start, but I don't have a good picture of it yet. It was one of those things which just had to be done, not to sound all girly but it really is a part of you - or so you think. But when my trusty old hair dresser said "the ends of your hair are probably quite a few years old" i thought - hmm time to trim.

So i've got a new do. And its fun. If you want to see pics, I've been told there are some on facebook but i wouldn't know since I don't have an account on it.

Did you know that M16 are now actually recruiting on facebook? Should one be scared when they poke you? I'm not sure. Shudder shudder. I wonder if you're good at persistently requesting friendship after being ignored gets you higher points?

Thursday, July 31, 2008

A Cunning picnic

So a few weeks ago, my agency Cunning threw us a lovely picnic in Regents Park where I proceeded to be very silly (as did the rest of them) while frolicking the gorgeous sunshine surrounded by great food, delicious drinks and many cool folk.

Hot but knackering

It is so warm outside - "milk was a bad choice" comes to mind. Am pretty exhausted this week thanks to long work hours, find myself quite useless come 10pm. But then I suppose thats what sometimes happens in the grand scheme of things.

Lee is playing a gig tonight at the Ginglik - where we first met! Why are girls so dreamy and reminiscent, while men are so practical?

Friday, July 18, 2008

Legacy of love

I have been contemplating our existence here on earth. Yes, a fairly heavy Friday morning I suppose. But not in a morbid way, just in a sort of - so what are we achieving at the moment? I can't believe the things I hear about this so-called recession (anyone recall the theory of mass hysteria/wag the dog?).

Then there are the realities of knife crime, the Gaza strip and Israel, Iran and the world, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Sri Lanka, the American election... what the hell is going on? And then there's the question of what I, as an individual am achieving, what is my impact on the world around me? Honestly, when I am gone one day - what have I left behind? I recall books I used to read with my grandfather and we used to talk about "all my worldly possessions" as a phrase which used to come up often. What are they? They are not clothes, belts, shoes, books or cars. They are people we have had in our lives and how we treated them, how we loved them, how we made them feel and that legacy of love is what we leave behind.

This train of thought has nothing to do with the wonderful classical music I am listening to on Radio 4's Desert island discs.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Hoo-flipping-ray for faith and sunshine

So, many people are gawking at the fact that yes, Glasto was sunny, warm and dry. Those who gave it a miss - well you should have had more faith. Not gloating no, just beaming.

It was better than I could have hoped and for those who are sick of reading the joyfulness of my entry can leave - or wait a little bit and check out some super photos below.

Basically the first night we were treated to a typical Glastonbury fest weather greeting: spitting rain, cloudy and well a pretty drenched walk across the field to the Greenfields where Bobby was waiting for us in his cosy caravan. We set the tent up in the rain which really wasn't very fun, a fair amount of our gear and clothes were damp and everyone was a little like "oh come on, really?"

But like a red velvet cabaret show curtain being pulled to reveal the act, the rain ceased. For the rest of the festival. So we donned some fresh clothes, got the drinks flowing and headed off to explore the first night at Glastonbury. We saw some amazing unsigned bands that night and were treated to some awesome sights within the different fields like Trash City and the new Shangri-la. The vibe was incredible.

The next day, the sky was cloudy but calm and we had a wonderful day - exploring the circus fields, eating delicious food and wandering around. We met Ru and Lucy who have a superb dressing up stall and such cool people, I scoured the hats and shawls and had to resist buying everything.

Oh the toilets - the stench still lingers in my mind - not on my boots in case you were wondering. But that is about the only thing that would put me off, but once you get through it, you feel vindicated.

It was such a great experience and treat to be camping in the Greenpeace field because it was calm, well taken care of and was on a slight hill so you had a view of the festival. They were strict about who came in and out and also how we treated the field so it made such a difference. Not to mention the sweeeet solar powered showers that Bobby and Chris built.

Vampire Weekend, The Gossip, Estelle, Jimmy Cliff on Friday. Vampire Weekend, Black Kids, Leonard Cohen, Amy Winehouse, Jay-Z, Ethiopique on Saturday. Manu Chao on Sunday.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Summer of festivals

So since we're not travelling around South America this year, though damn how much I wish we could again - we will return... we're going festival hopping this summer. I am not too set on about racing around the country but I am SO excited and thrilled to be going to Glastonbury tonight.

I have wanted to go since I was 15 when I first heard about how people of all varying backgrounds, colours, personalities etc congregate in a massive field for 4 days and listen to some inspiring music. Ok so 13 years on, I know that there are also stories of queues for the toilet, rain, mud, drunken stupours and general calamities of chaos. But I seriously could not care less - I am just so excited about being able to be outdoors, listen to music, dress up, jump up and down screaming for the band playing and general merriment.

We take the train tonight - Bobby's been there for 2 weeks already and says its looking pretty awesome. WHOO HOOOOOOO!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Wedding's - not ours

So the few days before Aush and Ero's wedding was fairly jam packed with catching up with friends plus sprucing ourselves up for the big day. The bridesmaids sari's looked awesome and I was excited.

They had a big party 2 days before the wedding, which was a blast - managed to catch up with all the people I had hoped to see. Lee and I also managed to spend loads of quality time with my parents which was so wonderful - as you grow up the relationships just change so dramatically without many noticing.

Two days later, the usual crammed excitement and crazed activity of a wedding began. Unfortunately it was raining quite alot and Aush had planned it all to happen on the beautiful terrace of The Galle Face Hotel, Colombo's oldest colonial-esque hotel. But right as were almost ready and the bride was being dressed in her sari - the drizzle ceased, the sun broke through the clouds, the sea stopped roaring and voila - as if God just waved his hand over us it was just breathtakingly beautiful.

It was a wonderful wedding. And we were so happy to be a part of it.

Flying visits

So a month has passed since my last blog entry - where did time go? We have just got back from a beautiful trip to Sri Lanka. We were there for just under 2 weeks and it was superbly relaxing but at the same time ignited my attachment to my home further. How is it possible to love a place so much and yet not feel right with it? It will always be my home, where I have some of the best memories, where I identify with the most and mainly - where my parents live.

The country is in pain, dire pain. While we were there, I witnessed some of the worst city bombs in quite a while - 4 bombs within 10 days. All within Welawatte, Dehiwela, Mount Lavinia and Fort, targeting trains and buses - the LTTE is trying to show they have little mercy but they didn't need to do this to send that message. We've known for much longer that they are barbarians, but so is our government, so I am not sure which is the lesser evil.

The one that hurts more innocent people I suppose. The tension was very apparent on the streets, when you pulled up next to a bus or just saw someone who looked suspicious. It made the contrast of the joyous living we were experiencing more difficult to contemplate. I think once you're away for a while the conflict becomes clearer.

Other than that (I could write for hours on that topic), we had a beautiful 3 days by the sea in Koggala staying at The Fortress Hotel which is the new boutique joint in the area. Soo luxurious but zen if thats possible - the setting was right by a stunning untouched beach with a coral reef forming several natural pools.

We had the pleasure of having lunch at the world famour Count De Mournaay's Island (otherwise known as Taprobane Island in Weligama) thanks to Af pulling a few strings. It was incredible to wade across to this island with a colonial styled villa built into it lush with tropical plants and stunning 360' views.

3 days of swimming, drinking, relaxing, browning and general merriment - we headed back to Colombo for Aushi's wedding festivities to begin.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Misty no more

Poor little Misty has gone to dog heaven. I feel so very sad for Annie, Lee and Rob who have lost a wonderful companion - I feel loss too. But in a way, she was saved by that family and had such a happy life.

God bless her, the sweet dappy furry bundle of joy.


“Thought is subversive and revolutionary… Thought is great and swift and free, the light of the world, and the chief Glory of man” - Bertrand Russell

A little nugget of goodness I found today.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Spring has sprung

It's official in my book, the sun was out, I was only wearing one layer of clothing and I had a plastic cup of Pimms in my hand as I laid about in Hyde Park with Aushi and Tasha. Come on summer, you can do it. Break free!

I also had a lovely long walk around the canals of Maida Vale with Bobby and Netta who were staying with us and it was just wonderful to feel the warm sun on my face, catching all the signs of spring like huge bright red poppies, goslings and other sweet birds tuttering around, the smells of flowers and trees and cut grass. Finally.

Whoo hoo.

Monday, April 14, 2008

And another thing....

We're doing grown up things which is rather strange BUT super exciting... flat hunting. So far, not so bad.

I love being married. Its a pretty wonderful thing, but I think that is down to who I am married to - a lot of people ask me whether its different and if so, how come. I say yes it totally is different, for 100's of reasons like - he cooks a mean roast and looks hot while doing it.

Back on the blogtrail

It has been absolutely ages since I blogged, its almost as if I felt that too much time had passed between January and now, so how was I going to back it all up and write about all the amazing things that have been going on? I figure, ah, I'll just start from now.

The sun is shining, but it's also hailing, raining, windy and um warm in bits so we're all a little confused. But spring is on it's way, I can feel it in my toes.

I'm barely recovering from Aushi's hen night, which was a huge blast - but hard on the body. I just paid for tickets to Sri Lanka - we leave in about 6 weeks, I can't believe its that soon but then, its not really is it? Another wedding on my island of paradise.

Work has been intense but good... my mind is whirring with ideas constantly, I bought a book to jot down all the thoughts I tend to have at (often inconvenient) times. But as predicted, the second the book was in my bag, the ideas stopped. Just for a day.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Kare kare Kojahey

The mehendi ceremony on the 27th, kicked off the start of the grand festivities, it felt so exciting and right to have it at home - plus the last of our friends had arrived - Ed, Tom, Clare, Ella, Glyn, Lauren and Alisha. We had been practicing our mehendi dance for a few days and amazingly our Uk crew were up for it (even the boys). Rukshana, Minha and Nadiyah toiled and slaved to get our back garden into festive mode and when it was done, I couldn't believe how absolutely fantastic it looked. While I waited upstairs to be escorted by my family to the "throne" in front of all the revellers, my female cousins chose my thaati and fastened the ancient belled foot anklets on my feet. It was pandemonium and super fun all the same. The women then escorted me down, hollering and clapping to signal my arrival.

Lee was taken to my cousins house and then driven in procession, finally arriving with all the male members of his and my family - they banged drums and tamborines while hollering loudly when they brought him in.

We were up most of the night dancing, having mehendi tattooed on our hands, belly's, feet and general body parts - even the boys go it done which was pretty amusing. Waking up the next day we found some had names on their bodies they had no idea how it go there! The party was started and everyone headed 2 hours down south to the wedding destination.

Two Happy Bazalgette's

And so, just like that, its all done! One absolutely fabulous month of festivities and I am now a married woman - an incredibly happy and blessed one at that. Lee is a wonderful husband and we are so excited... Still not used to being a Mrs, especially the part about changing my name - I am keeping my maiden name as a middle name... I am officially a Bazalgette!

The wedding was beautiful, we couldn't have asked for better weather - no blustery winds, the tide had gone out, the sunset was stunning and the atmosphere was lush. It was an incredibly emotional feeling seeing all your friends and family seated with tears in their eyes, watching our ceremony... I still can't believe we got all 35 of our friends from the UK down. Lee and I will never forget it.

My parents worked so so so so so hard on our wedding, it is definitely impossible to put down into words how much they did, and I am so blown away by their love and generosity and enthusiasm. Everytime I tried to say lets just leave that detail aside, they refused and got it done somehow.

We had the ceremony at 5pm right on Ahungalla beach, and then all our guests were ushered into another part of the land where they cocktailed it while we had our pictures taken by the most fantabulous Mere. She is such a star - what an incredibly talented photographer and how lucky we were to have her there.

The wedding party, with food, drinks and champagne flowing - went wonderfully. The speeches were great (Dias, Dad, Tom and Tash) and Lee's speech was so perfect too. It was so amazing to see all my Sri Lankan friends from childhood and now, make it all the way there for our special day too - it made us feel so lucky.

One thing though, there was something very important that happened that I was not aware of until after I had made my speech which is unfortunate as I would have made sure all the others knew. I noticed that the marquee was a bit warm even though it was open on all sides and faced the sea, and that there were no fans even though our loopy marquee lady knew we needed them. When I asked my cousin, I found out that it was my family - my many wonderful cousins and uncles and in-laws who worked all day long building the dancefloor and wiring the marquee and built our ceremony platform and everything. To make it all happen. I couldn't believe what they had done for us. It made all the little details even more special.

Hurray for family.