Monday, November 03, 2008


I cannot believe how lucky I am to live in these times. Of course things are tough and war plagues us as does the ever mutating financial crisis. But we are living in a time where a big change could be on it's way - in the form of America's first black presidential candidate and the mere possibility that he could win.

I grew up with history books talking about Martin Luther King and how that fight just couldn't be won. This time, it's not about black and white which is amazing to think - have we hopefully on some level moved on from that?

And of course no one is saying that Obama is perfect but what he is - is DIFFERENT.

I feel like it's my country that was voting. Thank God George Bush is on his way out, because maybe we might find a way to put things back on track towards right.

Come on Obama! Though he makes me say cheesy things - I'll let that slide.

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