Monday, February 07, 2011

A new master of direction

And so he arrived into this world on Friday 4th of February - and he belongs to two of my incredibly wonderful friends Lara and Isuru, hello little Divesh. Meaning Master of Direction and Light, which is good because Lara mentioned she is crap at the former.

So I keep staring at this photo and thinking, having known Lara as a gawky best friend from the age of 8 to drinking tequila on the balcony and going for basketball practice the next morning at the age of 15 and then bam! a baby. Wow. Time really does mess with the head.

But if it means bringing a cool little dude like this into the world, then hurray! I find it so strange how it can go from being in the belly, to ta da! here I am world, ready or not.

Congratulations guys!