Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Thursday, June 15, 2006

oh brother...

shocking isn't it. that we would find ourselves really and truly on the set of the Truman Show but the difference is: its years into the future and we are watching people sleep, eat, drink, shower, play, bitch and moan and worse still, act for the camera in ways even Z-list actors are better at. I cannot believe that we are in the age of the pathetic attempts at entertainment like reality tv. we are witnessing the dumbing down of a nation and its partially happening with a big thanks to Big Brother.

Its giving people motivation to come in and be more whiney, more extreme and more determined to make a fool of themselves so that they can get their beam up to stardom, and celebrity status. And the fact that we so willingly hand them this status (that so many people in the 50's and 60's had to tirelessly earn) is such a crying shame.

Doesn't anyone wonder whether all the happenings in the big brother house are orchestrated and subtley coerced? that so and so is told to get with one girl and then when she leaves, to get with another just so they can cause a little "rocking of the boat". Mark these words, the producers and conceptualisers are going to run out of things to make this show interesting and one day - some dude is going to sneak a gun in and shoot someone in the leg, and thats entertainment for you. you gasp now, but let's see what you say when you're voting the trigger happy dude out, to jail.