Tuesday, November 28, 2006

My wonderful Marikkar family

This was taken at my cousin's wedding in Sri Lanka on Friday by my other cousin Minha who lives in Cape Town but flew down - I couldn't make it (i have a total of 44 first cousins on my Dad's side - we are one hell of a loud bunch!). Check out my lovely cousins, and the other picture is of my parents and is growing to one of my most favourite of them! I cannot wait to see you!

Thoughts on the tube

Honestly today was one of the best days to have my iPod on shuffle - I know that sounds weird but it was as if the happiest music was just organised for me and played out - Beatles, Sheryl Crow, Stevie Wonder, Sinatra, Bob Marley, The Darkness, Erykah Badu to name some of it. And I was in such a great mood this morning anyway, even though its gloomy and raining. Who cares? Life is truly working out to be a happy adventure - even with a lack of sleep, everything is good. Sometimes it takes a tiny bump in the road to make the next day clearer and positive! LB you are awesome...

I met with my sister Tasha last night, and its getting more and more of a wonderful laugh to see her and hang out with her. She is one of the most fashionable and trendy people I know! Go Miss Fox!

It may be raining outside, but my heart is in a warm and sunny place.

Friday, November 24, 2006


Can you believe this? I read a blog entry by Tom Coates who says his very personal blog entry was infiltrated by Cillit Bang (toilet cleaner company) pretending to be a sympathising blogger replying to his message about not speaking to his father for 30 years. It just gets sicker and sicker. After my post below about the KFC monstrosity on the moon, check out 2 comments I received on the same day after I published my post:

richard quick millionaire, said...

Horrifyingly retarded! That's perfect!

Check out franworst to see how KFC has even gone one better!

If you like it, please post a link to it.

I like your site. Keep it up!

6:46 PM

Sorry... forgot to leave the url:




6:47 PM

Richard Quick is supposedly this dude who saved KFC's previous disastrous ad campaign (what the hell he did here is beyond me) and did this moon venture, but I believe it was all a hoax and this guy doesn't exist even though has a blog (which skim reading it, I find to be pretty weird). I can't believe that someone/some company would just post a comment on my site. Will be doing some research into this!!

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Space adverts and the Sun on Earth

Yes, I too made the face of an orangutan being shown the benefits of wearing underpants when I read these headlines today. But its the truth - KFC advertised the ugly face of Col. Saunders on the bloody moon and separately an international consortium has signed a formal agreement to build an experimental nuclear fusion reactor.

It is fascinating (not the KFC stunt, thats just too horrifyingly retarded that I don't want to even comment) but this multi-billion-euro energy project known as Iter - or "the way" in Latin - will aim to produce energy from nuclear reactions like those that fuel the Sun and if it works - we'll be seeing statues of these scientists in every western square. No actually if it is successful, it could provide energy that is both clean and limitless.

I have to admit, we live in some pretty amazing times. Not good, not bad, just amazing.

Sun Fuel


Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Graffiti is good

Thought I'd add one more link to my very cool list - Banksy. He absolutely rocks with his graffiti art and words, people who don't like him are ignorant, war loving control freaks. How any one can find it difficult to see the great ideas and expression in his work, is beyond me - because the world needs more people who have the courage and who are willing to speak out when injustice and wrong doing are being done to innocents.

Click on his website and see for yourself - respect to the guy who posts the most criticising emails sent to him by the public.

Friday, November 10, 2006

Messing around

Got this super cool software on my mac - check out these pictures.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Go Lanka!

A very innovative Sri Lankan company has made the final twelve of the BBC's World Challenge. Its a global competition, and this company has beaten 800+ other global companies to make the shortlist. It uses bio degradable elephant waste to produce paper etc. and uses the revenue to conserve and protect the elephants in Sri Lanka. The winner will be determined through a vote. Click if you can and help them win!

"Elephant Paper - Sri Lanka"



I am getting bouts of it more often than not, now that Lee and my plans are coming together... my parents are in town this week too and its been so wonderful to see them. I have to admit that honestly sometimes I miss being a child who just clings on to her mum's hand and gets taken around wherever she goes, sort of subject to her parents' wants and routines of life. Not realising how much these habits shape our childhood. I'm so proud of my parents. They rock the world.

Besides that bout of massive mush - I was thinking today about a feeling/emotion that people have though I realised that we don't actually have a word for it. Its that feeling when you're discussing a problem or a debate with a friend or companion and then you suddenly completely understand what you want to say and get the whole gist of what its all about. That sort of mind cloud clearing and in front of you is that very momentous point which you comprehend and want to make.

I do believe I am rambling. hurray.