Thursday, July 31, 2008

A Cunning picnic

So a few weeks ago, my agency Cunning threw us a lovely picnic in Regents Park where I proceeded to be very silly (as did the rest of them) while frolicking the gorgeous sunshine surrounded by great food, delicious drinks and many cool folk.

Hot but knackering

It is so warm outside - "milk was a bad choice" comes to mind. Am pretty exhausted this week thanks to long work hours, find myself quite useless come 10pm. But then I suppose thats what sometimes happens in the grand scheme of things.

Lee is playing a gig tonight at the Ginglik - where we first met! Why are girls so dreamy and reminiscent, while men are so practical?

Friday, July 18, 2008

Legacy of love

I have been contemplating our existence here on earth. Yes, a fairly heavy Friday morning I suppose. But not in a morbid way, just in a sort of - so what are we achieving at the moment? I can't believe the things I hear about this so-called recession (anyone recall the theory of mass hysteria/wag the dog?).

Then there are the realities of knife crime, the Gaza strip and Israel, Iran and the world, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Sri Lanka, the American election... what the hell is going on? And then there's the question of what I, as an individual am achieving, what is my impact on the world around me? Honestly, when I am gone one day - what have I left behind? I recall books I used to read with my grandfather and we used to talk about "all my worldly possessions" as a phrase which used to come up often. What are they? They are not clothes, belts, shoes, books or cars. They are people we have had in our lives and how we treated them, how we loved them, how we made them feel and that legacy of love is what we leave behind.

This train of thought has nothing to do with the wonderful classical music I am listening to on Radio 4's Desert island discs.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Hoo-flipping-ray for faith and sunshine

So, many people are gawking at the fact that yes, Glasto was sunny, warm and dry. Those who gave it a miss - well you should have had more faith. Not gloating no, just beaming.

It was better than I could have hoped and for those who are sick of reading the joyfulness of my entry can leave - or wait a little bit and check out some super photos below.

Basically the first night we were treated to a typical Glastonbury fest weather greeting: spitting rain, cloudy and well a pretty drenched walk across the field to the Greenfields where Bobby was waiting for us in his cosy caravan. We set the tent up in the rain which really wasn't very fun, a fair amount of our gear and clothes were damp and everyone was a little like "oh come on, really?"

But like a red velvet cabaret show curtain being pulled to reveal the act, the rain ceased. For the rest of the festival. So we donned some fresh clothes, got the drinks flowing and headed off to explore the first night at Glastonbury. We saw some amazing unsigned bands that night and were treated to some awesome sights within the different fields like Trash City and the new Shangri-la. The vibe was incredible.

The next day, the sky was cloudy but calm and we had a wonderful day - exploring the circus fields, eating delicious food and wandering around. We met Ru and Lucy who have a superb dressing up stall and such cool people, I scoured the hats and shawls and had to resist buying everything.

Oh the toilets - the stench still lingers in my mind - not on my boots in case you were wondering. But that is about the only thing that would put me off, but once you get through it, you feel vindicated.

It was such a great experience and treat to be camping in the Greenpeace field because it was calm, well taken care of and was on a slight hill so you had a view of the festival. They were strict about who came in and out and also how we treated the field so it made such a difference. Not to mention the sweeeet solar powered showers that Bobby and Chris built.

Vampire Weekend, The Gossip, Estelle, Jimmy Cliff on Friday. Vampire Weekend, Black Kids, Leonard Cohen, Amy Winehouse, Jay-Z, Ethiopique on Saturday. Manu Chao on Sunday.