Tuesday, January 27, 2009

telling the truth

In an ever changing world, the truth is harder and harder to get to. We rely so heavily upon the media to tell us the facts, that we forget that the media is governed not by an infinite body of honest people but by those with an agenda. Where we watch movies filled with conspiracies, plots filled with doubt and mistrust, it is not surprising that in real life we discount even the most reliable sources (such as the date inside the frame of a camera that is recording).

We are so influenced by the world cynicism that we can't even allow ourselves to distinguish between the fact that people are being killed in NE Sri Lanka and Gaza - and the reason for it. Irrespective of race and religion. The fact that the BBC won't air the Gaza appeal is a perfect example of an agenda - it shows they are obviously too afraid to anger the Jewish community that sits so silently and forebodingly in the background.

I have been battling internally these past few days with the pictures and words I have seen, and the accounts I have been reading - who do we trust? How do we really win a war? How do we allow people to be freed without risking the evil snake of a rebel group to rearm and cause more destruction? How in the hell did we get into this mess? And why, after 30 years of war can we not just have an honest agenda?

I am sick and tired of not knowing who to believe - who do you trust? Its incredible how often one faces that question in a day in the life of. Do I trust the guy selling me tube ticket on the street? Do I trust the news source on my computer screen? Do I trust the label? Do I trust an acquaintance's efforts to be concerned with my life? I mean when did the world get so distrustful (is that even a word?)?.

I've just finished reading a book on JFK but it cites RFK's struggle post assassination to search for the truth ("Brothers" by David Talbot). It reignited my crazed obsession with the Kennedy's and showed me how the world shifted so sharply towards cynicism and weariness in such a short period of time.

Ok, rant over. I just believe it's time to do something and stop sitting back and taking all the crap that the media and "experts" keep giving us - how and why is it so hard to find something so simple like the truth? So, screw mistrust or distrust (I need a dictionary) - I'm going to clear my head, and start all over again.

Monday, January 26, 2009

The world as you *don't* see it

Found this super data world mapper site, which shows you the world maps according to different subject matter, so for example:

World Poverty:

Territory size shows the proportion of all people living on less than or equal to US$2 in purchasing power parity a day.
Absolute poverty is defined as living on the equivalent of US$2 a day or less.

World population:

World carbon emissions:

The world fuel consumption (this includes gas, coal, oil, nuclear, wood, and other materials):

Makes you think. You can enter any data subject and it could show you a world map in relation: www.worldmapper.org

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Some great stuff I've found lately. The world is full of insanely amazing personalities and ideas:



M.I.A.'s sister's jewelry brand in UK: http://www.superfertile.com/

moments of change

I haven't felt this optimistic in months when it comes to the world political stage. I battle with sounding like a cheesy commentator from a typical American film, but the fact is - anyone who wants to be cynical or roll their eyes, step back away from me. I am thrilled beyond comprehension about today - the day that Barack Obama takes his oath. Because today, we are all a part of history and nothing will change that. A black man who is talking about peace and unilateral attitudes. Yes!

It is ironic because who knows, a few months from now everyone will be moaning and erring that Obama is just the same as the others. All I will say to that is we all have to come to terms with the fact that he won't be able to snap his fingers and change the world. But that its him stepping up on to that stage and not the old, half man half bionic mess of a guy McCain, is a huge step in the right direction. I feel that people are going to be a little more open to letting this guy try and do his job.
He is going to struggle with oil barons, tobacco lobbyists and drug company bastards who want to stop healthcare reform but at the same time, he will have peace mongers the world over, stepping up to help him. So who's to say?

In this moment of blissful perfection, where anything is possible and the world is united in celebration (well, almost everyone in some way or form) - I am damn happy to be alive to jump up and down with a flag in my hand and say, hell yes we can.