Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Loving Dazed


I properly discovered Twitter a few months ago and it has completely diffused my need to blog which is sad but at the same time I had to eat my hat because it is damn interesting. The real time barrage of info is mind-blowing, not to mention how much you learn in such short time.

If you fancy it @leahbazikkar

Other than that, lots of huge changes taking place in my life which I am truly excited about. I love the fact that Lee and I can just make impulsive decisions about our lives together and see where it takes us... and this is the year for it, again! More info soon.

For now, started swimming which is really amazing. We're working with Greenpeace and Glastonbury Festival this year on design and creative concepts for the field to celebrate 40 years of Greenpeace, which is super exciting - we are paying homage to the Rainbow Warrior and are going a week earlier than planned with Helena, Sami and Bobby to name a few - cannot wait! But also don't want to rush life too much!

Am also working for Harvey Goldsmith's company Ignite which has been really amazing, super friendly and what a hardcore team - very professional which is refreshing! And they know their shit which I love being a part of. It's also great for Electric Peacock Festival....

Some cool shit

Time oh where for art thou - its May 18th! WTF?

A couple of cool blogs by people I know, Lara Spier from Cunning NYC, picture above courtesy her.

Some cool stuff from the guys at Boxpark

Incredible augmented reality schtick: dude decides to tattoo his Mii AR card on his wrist, oh yes it's right here