Friday, November 24, 2006


Can you believe this? I read a blog entry by Tom Coates who says his very personal blog entry was infiltrated by Cillit Bang (toilet cleaner company) pretending to be a sympathising blogger replying to his message about not speaking to his father for 30 years. It just gets sicker and sicker. After my post below about the KFC monstrosity on the moon, check out 2 comments I received on the same day after I published my post:

richard quick millionaire, said...

Horrifyingly retarded! That's perfect!

Check out franworst to see how KFC has even gone one better!

If you like it, please post a link to it.

I like your site. Keep it up!

6:46 PM

Sorry... forgot to leave the url:



6:47 PM

Richard Quick is supposedly this dude who saved KFC's previous disastrous ad campaign (what the hell he did here is beyond me) and did this moon venture, but I believe it was all a hoax and this guy doesn't exist even though has a blog (which skim reading it, I find to be pretty weird). I can't believe that someone/some company would just post a comment on my site. Will be doing some research into this!!

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Richard Quick, Millionaire said...

Leaving a comment is infiltrating?

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