Thursday, November 09, 2006


I am getting bouts of it more often than not, now that Lee and my plans are coming together... my parents are in town this week too and its been so wonderful to see them. I have to admit that honestly sometimes I miss being a child who just clings on to her mum's hand and gets taken around wherever she goes, sort of subject to her parents' wants and routines of life. Not realising how much these habits shape our childhood. I'm so proud of my parents. They rock the world.

Besides that bout of massive mush - I was thinking today about a feeling/emotion that people have though I realised that we don't actually have a word for it. Its that feeling when you're discussing a problem or a debate with a friend or companion and then you suddenly completely understand what you want to say and get the whole gist of what its all about. That sort of mind cloud clearing and in front of you is that very momentous point which you comprehend and want to make.

I do believe I am rambling. hurray.

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