Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Wedding's - not ours

So the few days before Aush and Ero's wedding was fairly jam packed with catching up with friends plus sprucing ourselves up for the big day. The bridesmaids sari's looked awesome and I was excited.

They had a big party 2 days before the wedding, which was a blast - managed to catch up with all the people I had hoped to see. Lee and I also managed to spend loads of quality time with my parents which was so wonderful - as you grow up the relationships just change so dramatically without many noticing.

Two days later, the usual crammed excitement and crazed activity of a wedding began. Unfortunately it was raining quite alot and Aush had planned it all to happen on the beautiful terrace of The Galle Face Hotel, Colombo's oldest colonial-esque hotel. But right as were almost ready and the bride was being dressed in her sari - the drizzle ceased, the sun broke through the clouds, the sea stopped roaring and voila - as if God just waved his hand over us it was just breathtakingly beautiful.

It was a wonderful wedding. And we were so happy to be a part of it.

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