Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Flying visits

So a month has passed since my last blog entry - where did time go? We have just got back from a beautiful trip to Sri Lanka. We were there for just under 2 weeks and it was superbly relaxing but at the same time ignited my attachment to my home further. How is it possible to love a place so much and yet not feel right with it? It will always be my home, where I have some of the best memories, where I identify with the most and mainly - where my parents live.

The country is in pain, dire pain. While we were there, I witnessed some of the worst city bombs in quite a while - 4 bombs within 10 days. All within Welawatte, Dehiwela, Mount Lavinia and Fort, targeting trains and buses - the LTTE is trying to show they have little mercy but they didn't need to do this to send that message. We've known for much longer that they are barbarians, but so is our government, so I am not sure which is the lesser evil.

The one that hurts more innocent people I suppose. The tension was very apparent on the streets, when you pulled up next to a bus or just saw someone who looked suspicious. It made the contrast of the joyous living we were experiencing more difficult to contemplate. I think once you're away for a while the conflict becomes clearer.

Other than that (I could write for hours on that topic), we had a beautiful 3 days by the sea in Koggala staying at The Fortress Hotel which is the new boutique joint in the area. Soo luxurious but zen if thats possible - the setting was right by a stunning untouched beach with a coral reef forming several natural pools.

We had the pleasure of having lunch at the world famour Count De Mournaay's Island (otherwise known as Taprobane Island in Weligama) thanks to Af pulling a few strings. It was incredible to wade across to this island with a colonial styled villa built into it lush with tropical plants and stunning 360' views.

3 days of swimming, drinking, relaxing, browning and general merriment - we headed back to Colombo for Aushi's wedding festivities to begin.

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