Thursday, June 26, 2008

Summer of festivals

So since we're not travelling around South America this year, though damn how much I wish we could again - we will return... we're going festival hopping this summer. I am not too set on about racing around the country but I am SO excited and thrilled to be going to Glastonbury tonight.

I have wanted to go since I was 15 when I first heard about how people of all varying backgrounds, colours, personalities etc congregate in a massive field for 4 days and listen to some inspiring music. Ok so 13 years on, I know that there are also stories of queues for the toilet, rain, mud, drunken stupours and general calamities of chaos. But I seriously could not care less - I am just so excited about being able to be outdoors, listen to music, dress up, jump up and down screaming for the band playing and general merriment.

We take the train tonight - Bobby's been there for 2 weeks already and says its looking pretty awesome. WHOO HOOOOOOO!

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