Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Basil issues

So I popped down to my favourite luncherie Oishi - "pan-Asian" cuisine you know. The Vietnamese guy I often chat to about the world and how to put it to right informed me that there wasn't any basil in my delicious chicken Viet Salad. I questioned as to why, and he said it was because of the problems in Thailand.


It dawned on me - thanks to the protester fiasco in Bangkok with the airports and such, we have no basil because they haven't been able to fly much out. How crazy is that? The world is truly a small place where a little Vietnamese joint in Clerkenwell can be affected by a justice-driven protest all the way across the world.


Spencer E Holtaway said...

Have you gotten over the carbon cost of your 'Innocent' Smoothie that has those (I still swear they're fictional) YUMBERRIES in them that are only grown in SE Asia?

Tiruni said...

This has nothing to do with the dynamic situation in Thailand, and the mystery of the vanishing basil leaf. I wanted to tell you how I enjoy your meanderings of the world. I miss you belle....