Monday, January 14, 2008

Kare kare Kojahey

The mehendi ceremony on the 27th, kicked off the start of the grand festivities, it felt so exciting and right to have it at home - plus the last of our friends had arrived - Ed, Tom, Clare, Ella, Glyn, Lauren and Alisha. We had been practicing our mehendi dance for a few days and amazingly our Uk crew were up for it (even the boys). Rukshana, Minha and Nadiyah toiled and slaved to get our back garden into festive mode and when it was done, I couldn't believe how absolutely fantastic it looked. While I waited upstairs to be escorted by my family to the "throne" in front of all the revellers, my female cousins chose my thaati and fastened the ancient belled foot anklets on my feet. It was pandemonium and super fun all the same. The women then escorted me down, hollering and clapping to signal my arrival.

Lee was taken to my cousins house and then driven in procession, finally arriving with all the male members of his and my family - they banged drums and tamborines while hollering loudly when they brought him in.

We were up most of the night dancing, having mehendi tattooed on our hands, belly's, feet and general body parts - even the boys go it done which was pretty amusing. Waking up the next day we found some had names on their bodies they had no idea how it go there! The party was started and everyone headed 2 hours down south to the wedding destination.


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chili said...

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