Monday, April 13, 2009

Wales = wonderful

Just on the last few hours of our lovely easter break to Brechfa. It has been a luscious 4 days of sunshine, quiet time and wonderful company. Have missed being down here, you can hear the birds sing, the lambs baa and well pretty much anything that you're normally supposed to hear above the din of regular city life.

It has been super fun, Tasha, Helena and Danny down with us, along with the Turgels and Davies. Bobby and Netta have done up Fforest over the winter and it looks gorgeous, not to mention the front room is warm and cosy: we tried it out last night complete with amazing roast dinner and Helena's version of 'Articulate' which was hysterical.

We went to the beach, collected mussels and cooked them for dinner. We planted seedlings in Netta's garden, painted easter eggs all day yesterday, fired up the sauna, Lee built a style for the new field and we went for a massive walk today which was perfect to end the weekend with. I love being down here, it puts the mind in perspective and helps to clear the rubbish from the good stuff. I needed it, now I just need to put my ideas into action and not allow London to bring me down. Its the perfect place to be if one wants to be in the creative industry, so I'm just going to throw myself in there and see what happens.

Pictures to follow.

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