Thursday, April 16, 2009

France and Britain call it like it really is

The LTTE have been officially criticised (finally!) for holding back the civilians, using them as human shields and labour to hold their trenches while they fire back at the Army. This has emerged in the last 48 hours as a few hundred people have escaped the safe zone into the Govt territory during the temporary ceasefire. We knew this was happening however it is good to finally hear it coming from the international community.

I once again, I DO NOT CONDONE govt actions whereby innocent people die at the hands of guns, shells and bombs. I am against war - but the LTTE want war and we cannot allow them to intimidate their own people, let alone the rest of Sri Lanka. However, we know that these innocents would not be dying if the LTTE did not hold them hostage so as to use their innocent deaths to their own media advantage in order to prolong their existence.

France and Britain condemn LTTE


Stephanie said...

so you DO CONDONE this war?

you're all over the place leah.

ok, the LTTE are horrible. we got that. point conceded.

BUT, it seems you condone the killing of all the civilians if the LTTE is defeated. All for the greater good, hey?

very Machiavellian of you.
The ends justify the means?
wow, good luck with the "peace"that follows your "victory".

Stephanie said...

and once again, you never answered my questions on your other post:

1) would the govt be shelling and bombing these people if the "hostages" held by the LTTE were sinhalese?

2) who has killed more civilians, regardless of ethnicity, since independence? the LTTE or the Govt?

two relativly simply questions which i hope you can answer.

but since you haven't allow me:
1) NO
2) Govt of Sri Lanka

Agree, disagree, going to bother to respond?

Anonymous said...

still won't answer the questions?
they seem pretty easy. what's the story?

gishanka said...

Hey Stephanie,

Your questions are not new and have been hacked around by apologists for LTTE terrorism for years, and they go no where. Your answers may be correct but this debate has been done and will rather dull to mull over the dead endedness of it.


Try living in our shoes for a moment.
We live here in Sri Lanka. I don't know if you do.

Try living with the threat of death by an indiscriminate bomb or suicide bomb threatening you and your family's life almost every day of the last 26 years.

Try walking or driving past a packed bus daily and wondering whether it's going to be the last thing you see as another LTTE bomb goes off?

The large majority of us living in Sri Lanka are sick and tired of this war and want it to end.

It's hopefully not going to be with as horrific consequences as you mention, but sadly innocent civilian deaths are a sad reality in any war.

We just want the LTTE to be defeated and progress with developing the wonderous potential of this country as one, multi ethnic and multi cultural society . We sick of all this talk of who did what and mull in the horrific mistakes, egos and hate of generations past who got us into this sorry state.

Try reading the following post for a refreshingly different view from a Sri Lankan who happens to be tamil.