Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Temporary safety

Tamil's fleeing the LTTE's clutches... the truth will come out slowly but surely - the real Tamil people who have been living the war, unlike many (NOT ALL) people who have been living abroad and away from the carnage. As I have said, I do not support the Govt of Sri Lanka but I do support the fact that these Tamil refugees who deserve a much better life, one equal to mine, will more likely get it on the Govt side, as long as they do not sit with the LTTE who are forcing them to suffer too. Because, hey guess what? This could be the beginning of a new chapter... one that only we, the Sri Lankan people, can make.

I do not deny that in the past, the Sri Lankan Government have made grave mistakes, stupid decisions and racist policies from 1948 on, that hurt the Tamil people and resulted in their cry for a separate homeland. But that cry, made by accident during a passionate speech in 1970's has now resulted in the absolute suffering of the very people it was designed to protect. Therefore, I ask - give us the Sri Lankan people, all of us - Muslim, Sinhalese, Burgher and Tamils in the rest of the country - a chance to prove that we are no longer of that time, and of that horrible/shameful place where there were majorities and minorities. I truly believe the country that many of you do not know, has changed drastically. You can see it in the silent, humanitarian efforts by civilians - just yesterday I know that 10,000 litres of water were purchased at a personal cost, and shipped up to the Vanni for the refugees. This is just one tiny example of the show of care and compassion of the people for their brothers and sisters.

The Muslim Council of Sri Lanka is galvanising massive cooking facilities which are being set up in the NE to feed the refugees fresh food - at the personal cost of the group who have pulled this together. Now you might say that oh I thought the Muslims were put down by the LTTE, slaughtered in villages and mosques when the LTTE conducted their own ethnic cleansing in the mid 1990's. But has this stopped the Muslims reaching out to the Tamils? No. Because today, in this time of crisis the Sri Lankan people do not associate the LTTE with Tamil people. And that is the kind of compassion and attitude that exists in Sri Lanka amongst a majority of people - forgiveness, remorse and an aim to rebuild. So anyone who says or thinks otherwise, join the current hypocritical bandwagon and bring it on - we'll show you the truth. And you will recede back into your cave of provoking and racial divisiveness.

BBC talks to Tamils fleeing the LTTE hold
- how does one dispute this? How do the Tamil's protesting hoist the LTTE flag on Parliament Square in Westminster in protest when the LTTE are clearly killing their own? Let us start our own united movement to ensure the rights of the Tamil people without violent, hypocritical intent.

I will soon reply the many who have left their rather uncompromising comments on my blog, however in the meantime, read this article by a right-thinking, moderate Tamilian:

Are you Tamil? Time for some soul-searching

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