Thursday, March 26, 2009

No more lies

All I can see these days is all sorts of humanitarian bodies claiming to be the ones really helping the people in the North who are suffering inconceivable pain and emotional trauma. It is such a sickness to show off, these groups whether it be TRO or COHHRT or whatever new name it gives itself - I definitely agree that they are doing some amazing work up there, helping those who need it but if you read their reports you will find a very sickly interjection of how much they are doing. Good samaritans don't call out their own names when doing good for others. Quite vain. In an ugly time.

Of course they have to justify what they do each day to make sure their donors in the Tamil diasphora are satisfied their money is being put to good use. Not to support the lifestyles of those who live abroad, supposedly manning phones and writing more detrimental commentary on the internet.

Why don't these groups realise that we can see through this? Of course, I want someone to be able to help the Tamil people - they are being brutally hurt and they are my people and I want them to be safe, even though GUESS WHAT? I am not Tamil.

It makes me so furiously angry to see these poor people being used as tools for the betterment of a cause that as they face the next shelling, (I bet you) couldn't care less about. How dare political groups like the TRO speak for those people? Were they nominated? Were they asked to? No. Please continue the samaritan work for these people, but stop talking for them - their new "on the spot report" is just another way to poison the minds of the people watching on the sidelines. The fact is, the LTTE is losing this war and they will lose.

This bothers many people, many of those who have supported this war, at any cost. The govt is not at all innocent either - believe me I am as aware as they come. However, they are winning this fight and those 'people' don't want it to happen, and so are using the shield of the innocents to fight in a different way. How sick, sick sick is that? The LTTE are firing upon their own people. The LTTE are not the Tamil people's representatives anymore, they lost the plot Hitler-style many years ago.

My question is, who is really going to step up and save the Tamil people, while their own watch them suffer across the water?

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Stephanie said...

i found your blog after reading a gaurdian article ( and then searching the web for more information on sri lanka (sad to say i'm not very informed about the situation in sri lanka).

i'm a bit confused though because the picture painted in your blog and that portrayed in the guardian article are very different.

can you give me/us some more details about your experiences in sri lanka... also what is this TRO organisation and can you point me towards these reports you mention...