Thursday, July 30, 2009

An absence of wonder

I have once again, lapsed in writing. I think these past few months have been a lot to take in, and I felt like I didn't want to write for the time being. The emotion of having the war end, was overwhelming, but also what had been done - the immense damage - was just a lot to grasp. I didn't feel like celebrating, I felt unsure, worried, elated and extremely concerned. Oddly, many of my friends, acquaintances and family felt the same - there was no way we were going to celebrate how this war had killed so many ruthlessly. But I did feel a semblance of happiness for the future - and that is when I realised that my blog had become mainly about war and death and destruction and pain and suffering. And I want that to change.

Though this is still the feeling of so many in my country, I believe it is time to help them pick up the pieces and move forward. Together - and now that the LTTE has been put to rest, we can all work towards a common goal of rebuilding our tiny island and making it what it was destined to be: a unified multi-ethnic harmonious country.


Anonymous said...

50,000 civilians killed between jan 2008 & may 2009 is what you pithily describe as "the immense damage"???

let me just inform you officially that your multi-ethnic utopia, which i too hope for, will not come about unless there is justice.

those on ALL sides that committed war crimes and genocide must be brought to justice (since all the LTTE are dead that means the GOSL must be brought to book)

without justice there can be no peace.

and without the "south" recognising their culpability there will be no peace.

all of this destruction and death WAS done "in their name"

A Sri Lankan of mixed ethnicity said...

Arjunan? Is that you? I was wondering where you had disappeared off to. Too cowardly to show your name when leaving such fiery posts on my blog?

If all are to be tried justly for the horrible crimes, then someone needs to take the stand on behalf of the LTTE - just because they are all dead, they can't get away with the crimes THEY wrongly committed in the name of the TAMIL people.

Leave your anger elsewhere, the multi-ethnic people of Sri Lanka are trying to rebuild their nation, one that you clearly don't give a damn about.

Jen Reyes said...

who's arjunan?

Scitzo - formerly anonymous above said...

Leah, did u jus say that dead people (the LTTE leadership that was executed while trying to surrender - which I assume you supported) are "getting away" with something because they are dead. Oh my goodness you have really lost it. This isn't the kind, sweet Leah I met at CIS.

This isn't arjuna, the LTTE shill, by the way. I can't tell u who I am because my family is still in Colombo. But I am not an LTTE supporter.

What surprises me most is that you and your mother are not more outspoken about the crimes the govt is committing. The LTTE is bad, we all know that, but you, and Colombo civil society in general, have failed over the past year to criticize the govt's abuses of human rights and humanitarian law.

"those who see injustice and fail speak out are in essence aiding and abetting that injustice"

providing piecemeal boxes of food and medicine is not helping. It is just assuging your own damaged psyche and a transparent attempt to 'buy' over those in the concentration camps.

By the way did u c that the TNA WON easily in vavuniya and would have won on Jaffna if not for the puttalam Muslim votes and the IDPs that they released into douglas' district. So, despite the protestations to the contary by the Sinhalese and the international community the tamil people support the TNA and what the stand for and HAVE stood for.

By the way, I do support a multicultural, multilingual, multiethinic, religiously diverse island (partly because I myself and my family are all of these things) - I just don't think you get there by giving the govt a free pass. You do it by ensuring individual and GROUP rights as well as economic, polictical, social rights and allowing all peoples to have self determination.