Thursday, May 21, 2009

Con artists

A picture says a thousand words. The picture released on Tamilnet:

The real picture, notice the girl with blue veil on righthand side with a very fancy Nikon camera, in the war-zone:

The fact is, I am not saying the shelling of innocents did not take place. But I am saying that a fair number of the Tamil diaspora media are massive manipulators - now that the LTTE is finished, we can hope for more true pictures to come out. After all, the GOSL has no excuse now not to show us what is really happening.

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Anonymous said...

this is an amazingly strange claim you make. the photo is fake because the girl in it has a camera?

you know what people in the area weren't just the "dumb villagers" you think there were. They also had TV'S, radios, cars, satellite phones, internet satellite facilities and some were/are quite good photographers - see here:

do you think those were all taken with a pin hole camera