Tuesday, May 05, 2009

weekend traces

Had a fantastic weekend in Wales, Fforest is the peaceful place I love going to, to just chill away time doing things we lack in the city. Like gardening, long walks, several cups of tea and sunshine. Though we had a couple of grey days - it was perfect. Had a super day out for Lauren's birthday, we went to this restaurant in Llangsteffan where the owners open their house up to you and you can dine in their ecclectic designed dining room, complete with fantastic wall-to-wall photos and fairy lights. They serve you delicious Sunday roast and pudding for 10 quid a head and its BYOB.

They are an eccentric pair, previously film-makers - they have a cellar which is filled with cardboard boxes that they started throwing down there with the aim to recycle, but it was filled to the point that you just walk in there and bounce around. So they invite the local kids from the village to go in, screaming and jumping - throwing the boxes at each other and Tim (owner) stands outside flicking the light on and off. Ok, so a bit random to read, but damn fun to experience.

Though I have to say, we felt pretty worse for wear the next day - and Jesse sweetly drove us back to London. Blurgh.

So. My Uncle Tom has got a blog, and I thought I ought to big it up - he is a famous photographer and a great one at that! Here is a photo he took of Aunty Sriyani many years ago right after they were married... this is on one of our gorgeous Lanka beaches.


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