Friday, February 02, 2007

Road Trippin´

It´s been a really surreal job to start our journey, we were getting pretty homely and settled in Buenos Aires I have to admit. It is such a fabulous city, so many characteristics from real slums to beautifully architectural plaza´s to amazing markets (i nearly passed out from all the stunning jewelry and fares) to very funky almost London like embankments.

There was a cool little bar/restaurant that was attached to our hostel and it was run by a fairly grumpy dude who looks like he could have been in Miami Vice. Maybe thats why he was grumpy. Anyway, we spent alot of our evenings there as they had a lot of local musicians playing Brazilian jazz to ska punk to funky blues etc but completely different to anything I´ve heard before and its not because it was in a different language! We got to know the dudes who work behind the bar plus we partied one night with these 5 young guys who were in a funk band and we were out on the streets chatting, drinking and fighting off a drunk clown from a nearby market. I kid you not.

After much consternation, we decided that since we had planned the next steps of our journey we should just "get on the road" so we did. Next stop Tandil.

Hmm. Tandil was probably our first mistake. Possibly the dullest town in Argentina, not given away by the fact that all the inhabitants of this mountaneous/lake side town - do is bike ride, jog and sit and watch the view. Of the lake and the mountain. Luckily I´m with the funniest guy in the world so we made the most of it. It wasn´t a bonus that the hotel we were staying at put us in one of their "good" rooms which was at the back near the garages and was pretty much like an American motel. So the sights to see in that town took all of 1 hour to see, it was completely dead and what was supposed to be a 3 day trip ended the next morning when we high tailed it out of there to the next town - Necochea which is about 8 hours south of B.A.

We like it here, so we´re staying for a week we think though not decided. Hurray for no major time plans! Its a pretty beach town but holy moly, when we got to the beach last afternoon, it was filled to the brim with thousands of people. Mainly (as Lee immediately noticed) young hot girls wearing thongs and hot pants that go right up the bum and leave little to the imagination. I can´t help but stare myself. By the way - this is not the reason we´re staying though it is amusing to see Lee trail off in conversation as these women walk by.

To be honest this kind of beach isn´t exactly our thing, we prefer the quieter beaches, and we´ve been told there are some, so tomorrow we´re renting some bikes and going to ride bout 8 km to some nearby. Plus there´s a beautiful forest that sort of runs parallel to the beach here which is full of little lakes and horse riding etc so there´s alot to do here.

It is immensely overwhelming to be this free. Our only concerns are, where we are going next, booking our acccomodation, watching our cash flow and thats pretty much it. And we´re enjoying it so much. I am learning loads about my tolerances, and about letting myself go from worrying about silly things. Also being surrounded by so much Spanish (barely anyone speaks any English), its amazing how adaptable the human brain is, because I am already picking up words and complex sentences etc, there´s alot to learn but I am gaining the confidence to speak.
I love this trip. And though its only been just 8 days, it feels like much longer only because of how much we have seen and done in such a short space of time. Makes me wonder what its going to feel like in a month let alone 3!

Thats it for now, sure I will get to a computer with more pictures soon.

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