Sunday, January 28, 2007

Buenos Dias amigos

So its official - we´re here! Its an unbelievable experience seeing, feeling, tasting or smelling Argentina, because after so much anticipation, planning and constant wondering we have it all in front of us and to be quite honest its a wonderful inexplicable feeling I have not had before. The flight was really bad as for about 80% of the 14 hour flight there was ridiculously bad turbulence and I have a really low tolerance, every shake and I think ´this is it we´re going to crash´ Poor Lee had his arm nearly nawed off by me.

Anyway we made it, and Buenos Aires is beautiful and gritty all at the same time. We are staying in the old region called San Telmo where its less hectic and full of locals, antique shops (whoopee!), plaza´s, cafes and delicious little restaurants serving steaks the size of my two hands. Yum yum. Though it takes roughly 2 days to digest. The hostel is cool, the first time I´ve done anything like it, there are people from all over the world here and they are all super friendly. There,s a big kitchen where we all get together to cook and talk in the evenings. The wine is cheaper than water and I have been sampling many a bottle.

We went to see Eva Peron´s grave today plus a fantastic hippie market which puts Portobello to shame to be honest - this is the genuine stuff, and its all gorgeous. Lee has had to strap my arm to his so when he thinks its time to move away, I have to as well. Probably best considering I have a heavy bag already.

South America is scoring vast points with me and its only our 4th day. Tomorrow we go to Plaza Dorrego to eat at a beautiful little balcony restaurant that looks over the square as there will be free tango shows in the afternoon that we can watch. The people here in the hostel are tango crazy, and its interesting to follow. More stories and pictures soon, well once I get more time to do it.

Hurray for life trips.

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Pmac said...

Hey Leah, Pat and abs here writing from the chillier climes of the Cameron Highlands in Malaysia.

Great to hear you're having a great start to your trip. How long are you planning to stay in BA? Whats the name of the place you're staying in, it sounds great!

Hope you and Lea are Well, take care and stay out of trouble!

p+a xx