Monday, January 22, 2007

A few more days

to go. I can't believe that we have just under 3 days before we get on that flight to Buenos Aires. Its been a weird experience so far - anticipation like I've never known it because its exciting, nerve wracking, worrying, joyous and well all the opposite emotions in one big bag!
We've just had a lovely couple of days in Wales with Bobby and family, and we're now back in London till we set off. Its bizarre trying to think about how we're going to be on another continent for 7 months - who are we going to meet? what are we going to see? are we going to be ok? I think I know the answer to the last one because its Lee and me. I couldn't think of anyone else I would rather do this big trip with...

Right well there is money to be withdrawn and yellow fever jabs to get today - not to mention our farewell drinks party is tonight too. Whoo hoo. Its all happening.

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