Monday, February 12, 2007

Dust and sea lions in Puerto Piramides

I have to admit I am really settling into life on the road, life being so free and in control thanks to a certain few decisions we make each day. It´s strange how planning journeys and the decisions that come with them really show you how easy it is to change the direction of your trip and hence its results. I guess to anyone that would read obvious, but literally deciding to take a bus right on the spot and heading into a town you have no idea about, will lead you to an adventure that is completely spontaneous and exciting.

We saw wild sea lions yesterday in Puerto Piramides (sleepy marine life watching town) after taking a 10 km walk on an incredibly windy, dusty and desolate road in the hot sun - filled with dry bushes, snake holes (and snakes that Lee saw which prompted me to bolt!) and lots and lots of sand. Which went into our unsuspecting eyes.

It was worth it though because finally, we sat down on a cliff, ate our packed lunch and watched sea lions frolick, nap and roar in the afternoon sunshine by the bluest of waters. It was fascinating to know they were wild and shun the idea mentally that we could be at a water park or something. There were barely any people, and just colonies of these creatures which waddled along the ground and swam gracefully through the clear waters. Though they did do a very ungraceful belly flop-dive into the water at first.

Argentina kicks ass in my book, so far.

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