Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Wicked rafting adventure

I am totally hooked on white water rafting.

I´ve gone a few times in Sri Lanka and was never totally impressed or taken by the experience, but oh man yesterday was a completely different one altogether. We drove for a good hour out into the national park and got to the cool base camp of the company that did the rafting - called Extremo Sur!!! Extreme!!!

After breakfast, we suited up in wetsuits and all the gear, including boots (which definitely made me feel better) looking quite ridiculous we all took the rafts down to the river. We had a hilarious Argentine instructor/guide who was pretty cheeky. We started our rafting journey down Grade 4 rapids!
It was super fun and we had a great team of 8 - people from U.S., Holland and U.K. So the water was absolutely freezing cold but really refreshing unlike my previous lake experience!

We rafted through some of the most beautiful canyons - through small calm coves of aquamarine water with whirlpools - some of the rock that formed the walls of the canyons were gun metal grey and black in colour forming amazingly smooth sculptures. It was just beyond comprehension.

Anyway, I should point out that after getting caught in surf rapids and being doused with immensely pressured water, our team´s boat didn´t flip!

Now the cool thing is the river takes you as far as into the mouth of the Pacific Ocean beyond the Chilean border!!! I have no visa to go there, and we only asked if this was a problem when on the raft which some might have deemed a little too late. It was awesome because though we didn´t go to the ocean, we ended our raft journey on this land that was the ´grey´area - the none country land which was neither Chile nor Argentina - sort of the border of both! So I kind of made it!! Whoo hoo. Check out the pictures of this and the raft trip on Lee´s photoblog.

We are definitely going again...

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