Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Sand dunes and funky fog

So we went 4x4 off-roading on some wicked sand dunes. The amazing thing is that these 85-110 metre high dunes are about a 30 min drive from Necochea town centre and are completely formed by the wind. The winds here are so immensely strong and blow teeny tiny bits of sand into your eyes no matter which way you look, nor even if you wear those superbly large sun visors.

Standing on the top of these Sahara style dunes with the sun shining and blue skies it was spectacular as it was bizarre, because just minutes before we had driven on the beach right along the shorefront in the thickest fog I have seen in a long time. It was dark and grey in Las Grutas beach where we had only sunbathed the day before, and it formed in less than an hour. Climate change is truly affecting all of us.

Pictures of the crazy dunes when we get to a more solid internet cafe.

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