Sunday, February 04, 2007

Few things bout the lovely Argentine´s

So the Argentines as a people:
1) They have a massive sweet tooth and every couple of blocks you find a cake or chocolate shop; this is illustrated further by their most favourite food accompaniment called Le Dulce de Leche which is sort of Caramel milk, its like a caramel spread which they have with their toast or their pancakes or make ice cream out of to mention a few things. I´m not sure I like the taste.

2) The girls love wearing this cool pair of trousers that sort of crop at the calf but they are elasticated there and are baggy there on to the thighs and then are slim to the hip. They are pretty cool looking. They also love thong and g'string bikinis.

3) They absolutely love rock music. From Chili Peppers (no matter what language you speak if you hum "dani california" or "Snow" they will know it and you´re immediately friends) to the Stones they are massive rock music fans and it plays through the streets and in their homes and in cafes etc. Though they do tend to overdose on Bon Jovi here and there, tsk tsk.

4) They are a proud people, love their country and want you to see it all. We had long conversations with the bus driver in B.A. who told us about his 19,000km journey by car through Europe who wanted us to visit the Northwest, the bank teller who insisted on telling us all about Tigre a beautiful area in B.A. and the waiter at a lakeside cafe who brought out his guitar for Lee to play after a 2 hour long conversation about life and travelling. (This lake by the way called Lago de la Circes put the Beira to shame in terms of green water and nasty creatures living in it! Tourist attraction my ass!) Quite funny also how the guy giggled when he found out that Lee was from England as he asked whether we realised we were right in the middle of the area where the Falkland War veterans were residing! Yeeps.

5) They have amazing bus service and system, their buses put economy and sometimes business class into a more shabby category. In Cama class (which is like first for bus travel) you get served hot meals, whisky, wine or champagne!

Will let you know how it works out next week.

We got a mobile sim here and our tel number here for the few who have been asking for it is:
+54 11 6759 0850

Hasta Luego mis amigos por ahora.

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