Monday, February 12, 2007

W(h)ales and Puerto Madryn

So the journey was loong, but manageable, which has convinced us to do more this week. I will be spending the evening of Valentines Day on a 18 hour bus journey to Rio Gallegos. But thats a story I will leave for when its completed!

Puerto Madryn is lovely, its right on the sea front with a fantastic pier where normally people can sit and view Southern Right Whales just playing about roughly 30 metres away. But unfortunately for us the whales have already left P. Madryn on their journey for warmer waters! Damn damn.

But there are markets (which bring on a whoo hoo from me and groan from Lee), water front restaurants and bars (that are overpriced holy moly) and cool little oceanography museums and other little things to keep us happy. The hostel we stayed at for the first 3 nights was crap though, they were not very friendly and it was overpriced for shabby rooms... however the breakfast was the biggest joke. The crustiest hardest teeth breaking bread. Ugh.

The ocean here is a colour blue I have NEVER seen, it is just an intensely eye pleasing rich navy blue, but slightly mixed with turquoise... I really cannot explain it, so hopefully the pictures will!

The other cool thing we did was take a bus journey to this quaint little town about 2 hours away - it is a Welsh settlement (yay Wales!) - very green with a lovely river and weirdly enough it looked alot like wales.... Though it was strange to see all the signs in Spanish and Welsh. We went to an "authentic" Welsh teahouse where we got charged a fair bit to have tea and cake in this little wooden house which was loaded with Welsh artifacts from the first settlers. The lady who served us and owned it was kind of well known in the area and she was a Welsh descendant, she was also really fascinated that I was from Sri Lanka, claiming her ancestor journeyed from Wales to Ceylon to buy tea which he then brought to Argentina. Quite a journey just for a cuppa, but then it is tea and Ceylon tea is the best!

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