Wednesday, February 07, 2007

On the road again...

I am writing this from a small dusty farming town called Tres Arroyo which is where we are in transit before we take our next bus (an arduous 14 hour journey unfortunately) to Puerto Madryn for all the marine life action. It is amusing because we knew these hourneys were coming up and after a lovely week of relaxation and exploring by the beaches of Necochea, I am actually satisfied in a way that we are going on this journey so that at least we are going to feel te vastness of the land that is Argentina.

Funnily enough when we explained our journey to a local the other day and the sheer length of our bus journeys, the dude laughed and said ´well thats what you get when you put two of the world´s 10 largest countries next to each other´which is so damn true. Argentina and Brasil are two of the largest, I started to think of the other 8... I will research them and post it here. Thats another thing that I´ve found while travelling, is the constant thirst for general knowledge and sort of the curious questions you ask in school or when growing up, its funny hwat you come up with when you have all that extra time to think. I even mentioned to Lee a sort of Encyclopedia would have been great on our trip, he then asked me how many of my clothes and essential items I was willing to leave behind to carry one.

That`s where I left that topic. Ain´t no way I´m leaving anything.

Check out Lee´s blog for more on the lovely Argentine family that sort of took us under their wing while in Necochea. Will post pictures when we get to our hostel in P. Madryn.

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