Tuesday, May 29, 2007


What a place. One of my favourites. There is so much energy on the streets, music pouring out of the colourful colonial buildings on to the cobblestoned narrow streets. We are staying right in the heart of the historic city, called Pelorinho - its an ecclectic mix of stylish bars and restaurants, forro and samba venues, run down little reggae joints, funky hostels, beautiful old churches, 100´s of little arts and crafts shops and finally - an innumerable count of percussion and samba schools. So many that from the minute you wake up till the second you fall asleep there is a constant sound of drums, bass and more drums in the background. Sometimes its kids practicing their carnaval style smashing on the street corner or its the percussion school practicing their daily smattering. All in all, it is an experience that I will never forget.

We have been going out almost every night we have been here - regardless of what day it is, there is always something going on and it always involves music. We love it.

The problem however with Salvador - is that it is also the most hustly (is that a word?) place we have ever come across. I honestly want to throw something at the street vendors somtimes, because they constantly come up and offer you all sorts of things. Even their own mothers if it would get them some cash. Ok, I exaggerate. But still, I dont remember saying no this much. Except maybe the one rather intoxicated night when I went with some Lankans to the Hippodrome - there was a lot of ´no thanks´that night.

I digress.

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