Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Big waves

And lots of professional surfers was what we got in the lovely little beach town of Saquarema. Known to be the best surf spot in Brasil it was full of cool stands with young hip beach bums wandering around trying to get a glimpse of the pros kicking some ass on the waves. It was the Brasilian Surf Championship Circuit session and some of the stuff we saw was exhilerating and really impressive! The waves were huge on the first day but on the day of the final they just sapped out and were flat! Very disappointing - plus we were staying in the same pousada as the champion surfers, we got chatting to the manager who seemed to be doing everything but managing! Totally stoned and playing the bongos.

Saquarema was cool but besides the surf comp, there wasnt too much else going on. So after a bit of back and forthing trying to find bus tickets on borrowed rusty bikes, we got ourselves on the bus the next day back to Rio before heading north and leaving the state of Rio de Janeiro behind - been there a month!

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