Friday, May 25, 2007

Itacare - capoiera, surfing and forro

Itacare was an awesome stop for us - ended up staying just under a week. It is much more of a surfy town, bit more down with the kids and rough around the edges. Still the beaches were cool and we got to do some more surfing - though I got smashed around a bit by the waves initially and then managed to catch a few little waves thanks to Lee´s tips!

We got to see some live local forro (pronounced foh-ho) and no it aint for ho´s. Its a sort of local dance like a sexier version of the waltz and its very popular and traditional to the north east of Brasil. It was fun initially as we were in a very local little bar by the bay but then the music didnt seem to change much as time went on - especially the cow bell instrument one of the band members were using...just kept clock clocking all night long. We could even hear it from our hostel balcony later that night.

Our hostel was cool too, owned by two older women who were sisters (judging by the photos on the wall, they were once very funky & wild) - they had loads of cats, little kittens and dogs and were super friendly. Though we were invaded by a bunch of very loud Israeli´s a few days later and it made the atmosphere a little less enjoyable as they seemed dead set on making sure everyone knew they were there. Plus one of them had a guitar and only knew two chords (both bad) and they were on either side of our room so you can just imagine.

We also got to see loads of capoiera - both on the beach while we chilled and live as a demo one night. We preferred watching on the beach because all the local guys like to practice on the sand cause its softer on the body if you fall. And you get to see some unbelievable flips and moves that we didnt get to see at the demo. It is really interesting to note that as we have moved north, so many things have changed in terms of more people doing capoiera, food styles have changed to more yummy fish stew and the music has got more drum beats and people are just generally a bit wilder. And there are alot more Afro Brasilian folk than anywhere else we have been.

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