Saturday, May 19, 2007

Arrial D'Ajuda - bohemian paradise

After a horrendous night bus journey (nutty bus driver who took the corners way too fast and a 3 yr old who drank her soda too fast and threw up right behind us) from Itaunas heading north to Porto Seguro via a ferry - we arrived in a funky little town called Arrial D' Ajuda.

It is absolutely awesome here. Brasil really got their beach towns right - funky boutiques and bars that would put many in London to shame, cobblestoned streets leading to gorgeous beaches and we are staying a beautiful villa - this off season malarky has its advantages as the weather is perfect but the rates go down! So we have a lovely room in this lush villa that over looks the beaches from a cliff top, and a large pool with tropical gardens in between.

Whoo hoo. We are really happy as we have made our way a significant distance north as while we were in Rio we felt we had slowed down a bit too much. Click here for all the photos we have taken so far.

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