Friday, June 01, 2007

1st of June, Maceio

It is quite unbelievable to think that we are already in June, halfway through 2007 and oh wow what a year it has been so far. Rather weird to think that in less than just 2 months we will be heading back to blighty! Am in a sort of reminscent mood today, missing London and Lanka and thinking of all the people I know and love. It might have something to do with the persistent rain outside and the fact that we are in a bland city called Maceio. Our week in Salvador, though wonderful, has worn me out with all its noise and hustling - though the music was super.

The one thing about Maceio is that it marks the last long journey in Brasil until we have to bus it to Venezuela from the Amazon at the end of this month. We have booked a few flights so we can zoom around the country and enjoy the few weeks left, actually seeing the sights and relaxing on the next few beaches. We have a few marine reserve parks which are offshore where we can go snorkeling, and then there are some supposedly gorgeous beaches further up the coast towards Natal where there are dolphin filled waters and nudist beaches (well, one must see the sights right?).

Maceio also has the most stunning emerald green/blue waters - and clear too. We managed to have a bit of the day by the beach yesterday since it was so sunny, and the sight of the water immediately made us smile. There is nothing like being by the sea.

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