Tuesday, June 05, 2007


We finally made it out of the grey Maceio and found our way to a sleepy beach town called Maracaipe - 3km from the famous Porto de Galinhas and hot dog it was another hard journey. But 3 days on, it was definitely worth it.

We met a fantastic group of people who were here for the weekend, staying at a holiday home belonging to one of the older men in the group who was a hilarious character - quite drunk and yet armed with a quick wit. He is a famous doctor in this region as it turns out - specialises in pathology and research into haemoglobin parasitic something or the other - anyway he deals with tropical diseases as a speciality and as a result has spent much time in the Amazon with the remote tribes there. It was so fascinating to talk to him. We found they had lovely studio rooms to let so we checked in and now have the place to ourselves sinc they all headed back to the main city Recife which is an hour North of here.

They were incredibly hospitable to us, offered us drinks and food that night and then once again took us to another friends house for a late lunch. All in all, once again a wonderful opportunity to experience the Brasilian hospitality. Among the group were a journalist for the govt, a wedding stylist, another doctor and a psycologist/hypnotist!

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