Sunday, June 10, 2007

Praia de Pipa

Pipa is a stunning cliff side beach town - we arrived last morning by taxi which some could consider lazy but the idea of negotiating transport systems with bags and board in a town the size of Rio, was not so attractive.

I am currently sunburnt after a day at the beach - our last day surfing on our board which we are trying to sell here before we head back to Recife where we then fly further west into Brasil. We are coming to an end of our trip in Brasil and its sad to think we are going to sell the board, but I suppose we need to do it and we still have over a month in Venezuela to look forward to. Ah then, the visa liberty ends!

Lee and I are beginning to think about our impending one week in the Amazon jungle which is going to be exciting, nerve wracking and adrenaline pumping! Holy monkey nuts. But just so we are fully prepared for it, we are flying into a town called Sao Luis before Manaus, where there is going to be a supposedly amazing Reggae Festival for 4 days. Perfect. Pipa´s beaches are a beautiful bright blue - its impossible to describe. The town is once again cobbled streets and boutique stores not to mention really funky and quaint bars and restaurants. The cooler thing still is that there are dolphins in the next bay which we are going to see tomorrow! Wild dolphins!

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