Friday, July 21, 2006

fast cars

I was walking along this morning on my way to work and this fancy Mercedes zoomed by me with a young flashy looking Asian guy behind the wheel wearing what is no doubt designer sunglasses.
So he swung his head round 'Zoolander' style and gave me what appeared to be the 'blue steel' look. Revving his engine he then sped off into the horizon (actually he had to screech to a halt as he came to a red traffic light) but i suddenly wondered...
do guys like these buy these sort of cars and think that they will definitely 'bag some chicks'? i mean when you give them the look i did, which was a sort of 'uh yes, very nice' do you think they go 'vat woman, can't you see this hot car that i spent £30K on - isn't it utterly fabulous? don't you just want to do me'?

i don't know... any men out there who can answer the question - it would be much appreciated.

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