Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Its our turn

I have been posting comments on the BBC's Have Your Say page for the past week and not a single one of mine have been published. Instead Farooq from London gets his one, asking 'why are Lebanese die, US not right?'. And then I thought hang on I've got my own blog, what the *$5^ was I thinking?

I honestly am frightened by the world we are currently living in - the fact that we have no choice over what these bastard politicians do in Sri Lanka and Israel and US - I mean when is enough going to be enough? I eerily keep imagining a massive nuclear bomb going off because only that might warrant a reaction... with every day that we do not react, the harsher the terrorists believe the revenge should be. Not even 40 children being killed in Qana in one bombing alone is enough to spur action. Not the massacre of innocent families in the NE of Jaffna is getting people to their feet and their fists in the air. We are SO desensitised. We do not care enough - and this is what frightens me.

I think its time that our generation takes a stand, that we have the ability to change because after all we are going to inherit this world soon enough and I refuse to be party to the sick, greedy and selfish domination that our sorry politicians and governments have put us through.

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lee bazalgette said...

Phew, cross!