Thursday, July 13, 2006

my land or yours?

I couldn't believe the news on Radio 4 this morning when they announced that Israel had attacked Lebanon (Beirut city) over the Hezbollah capture of two of their soldiers, last night. Israel attacked another country! Yes, its fair that Israel be extremely concerned about this act, however - being backed, funded and armed by the West who are strong founders of Democracy, where is its' lover Diplomacy?
So comparatively, where's the outrage? If the Palestinians attacked this would be a different picture - where's the anger and shock from the west? It is so minimal, it's almost as if they just merely walked onto someone else's property and asked for a cup of sugar.

I think this double standard malarky is going to push the world into witnessing a 21st century Middle Eastern War and those of you reading this might think this is just NOT YOUR problem. But believe me, it is, and we can't just stand back and do nothing.

You ask, what? Maybe one place to start is caring about it and learning more about the war and its participants.

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