Monday, January 25, 2010

Sri Lanka's Big Day

Tomorrow is the big day. It just doesn't stop with our country, each corner we turn is more and more tense, filled with uncertainty and instability. When the war ended, with all the trauma there was still hope to look forward with a hope to try to rebuild and start with a cleaner slate - not making the same mistakes we have made so many times before.

And now, I feel that we're just twisting up in yet another difficult mess. The fact of the matter is, we're in between a rock and a hard place. We are facing a military leader who could come into the most powerful position in the country (and who will no doubt, like so many of his predecessors, lie and not give it up as promised) or we face the same unpredictable ruling party. The thing is, I feel more inclined to want what we already know, because with the other option - it is impossible to tell just how out of hand it could get. The truth is, Fonseka is more aggressive and racist - with no fear of showing what he really feels. He is rumoured to bring in Sarath Silva, the most corrupt Chief Justice in our recent history, as his Prime Minister with Ranil being left in the dust, as usual.

With the Rajapakse's, yes it is oppressive but at least we know our leaders - we know the entity that sits in office. It is one that we can contend with. Change and corruption are words being used with such fervour that I can only see it with a cynical eye - why? Because its nothing new. The UNP were always corrupt (more economically) just much more clever about hiding it - they are power hungry and play the cards just like the rest of the politicians that have danced on our country's historical stage. Politics comes hand in hand with corruption and to gasp at it in horror is naive; every government in our independent history has been corrupt on many levels and it is no surprise to me that this is an accusation hurled about. However I am surprised that the UNP/Swan Party are so confident to go in on that platform - pot, kettle, black anyone?

Yes the Rajapakse's are impossible to understand and deal with, they ended the war on unbelievably questionable terms - but how is this voting for the other side? They BOTH stood on the same platform before all this. I almost spat out my tea laughing when I saw Fonseka's "Change" campaign, so obviously ripped off Obama's and yet so far from that same standpoint I felt the utter ridiculousness of it.

I can't vote because I am away. And in a way I am glad that choice has been taken away from me, because for once I wouldn't know what to do with it.

All I can do is pray and hope that whatever situation we put ourselves into tomorrow, we all have the gumption to accept responsibility if it goes wrong and stop pointing fingers and just start making the country work. We can make the change we want to see by starting with ourselves and how we live - how we treat our fellow man. And take to the streets if what is done in our name doesn't feel right.


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