Tuesday, January 12, 2010


And so another year, hello 2010 - I’ve been expecting you. New Resolution 1: write more on my blog.

There are other resolutions but I think I'll keep them to the journal. Its a big year, I felt the significance of it a great deal more at midnight on New Years Eve than I have for a long time. Maybe because we entered a new decade, or maybe its because I turned 30 – yikes! As much as I thought there might be, there was no Leah-shaped hole in the wall - I was calm, intoxicated and surrounded by my family and friends which was just dandy.

I got some lovely thoughtful gifts and Tasha made me this awesome video of some of things I've done in my life so far - was hilarious and rather embarrassing! From TV commercials to bad dance routines!

This year is going to be a big year for me, for us, one with change and being much more committed to what I believe in. Starting with my life, my work and my country.

It may not be a fresh start or a clean slate but the situation in Sri Lanka has a lot more potential than it ever did. I just got back from a 3 week visit there and it was exhilarating. Most of my friends who live there had some very fascinating things to say – some I agreed with, others I didn’t, but people are much more alive than I remember.

I can’t say I feel buoyed by the impending elections, and the options we are faced with are frustrating after all this time – laced with opportunity but tied to an anvil.

Still, I have faith that we will work it out somehow. One thing I did feel when I was home was how much was happening on the ground - unknown to all the foreign media and big talkers outside, really you have to be there and be talking to the right people to see what is happening. How the locals from around the country are making their own advances to connect with each other and dispel all the bullshit that existed before.

We have to help support that, so there is no room for people to be wrongly influenced.

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