Saturday, March 31, 2007

Today Argentina, Tomorrow Brazil!

So here it is, the final part of our fantastic journey through Argentina. I feel really sentimental about it - i think having immersed ourselves in this country, its culture, its quirks, its language and its people not to mention the food and the drinks... it is just weird to think for the next 2 months we are going to be in a new one starting from tomorrow.

Currently we are in Puerto Iguacu, the town that borders with Brazil seperated by a massive river which is by the most important thing, the Parque Nacionale Iguacu - home of the Iguacu Falls, the worlds' largest waterfalls. Roughly 275 rivers and streams meet up to form these thunderous wonders with their shiny rainbows and teeming with 1000's of fabulously coloured butterflies! At one point we were walking along the catwalks to each different fall with butterflies on our heads, arms, backpacks and t'shirts, they just love hanging on to our bodies as they soak up the water on our skin with their long little luminous green tongues. You can´t even feel it and it isn´t at all squeamish. Its beautiful.

We took a boat ride that takes you under the slightly smaller falls and they douse you in the spray and it is like a harsh shower but immensely fun! Being so close to the thrashing waterfalls, it makes you feel so small and in awe of so much water that just does not stop gushing down to the river. What an immense source of nature.
Following that, we were left to wander the islands and lush sub-tropical forest of the Parque Nacional Iguacu. Though the only comment I have is that there were too many tourists - so you felt like you were trying to get to the parts that had no festering groups of people who were too busy filming the falls and fiddling with their cameras than actually looking at this world wonder. Fools!

Still... click on Lee´s web album for the 12,546 pictures that we took of the Falls.

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