Thursday, March 08, 2007

Horse riding and Cerro Catedral Mountain Walk

This is from our walk up the Cerro Catedral, which is a mountain about 2000 metres high, and yes we climbed to the top. It took 10 hours, and we started from about 600 to 700 metres, however it was beautiful, really scary as we had to traverse and rock climb along some insanely steep bits, and really lush with rich forestry in other parts. We made it to a Refugio Frey which is where all the rock climbers go to, and camp overnight...that is the tiny house you see on the horizon in the picture above. Click here for more pictures of that adventure.

Have managed to upload some pictures, just click here to see Lee's photo album for the rest of them, they are pretty cool. This is a few of us horse riding through an estancia that was 2800 hectares, all owned by older woman whose great grandfather once had Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid stay with him on that estancia when they were running from the law in N. America!

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