Saturday, March 31, 2007

Last pictures of Argentina

Before we left Argentina, we managed to go through a number of small towns that were off the beaten track and were immensely beautiful - some you will see below, like Barreal and Belen, but there were others like Cafayate where we saw the most incredible mountains and river valleys with more colours than I have written about below! We then made our way to Salta which was our last big town of the country, we met a lovely English couple who we hung out with there and partied with in some local bars. Only to then make our way to Iguacu through Corrientes.

Due to the fact that I was unable to get a good internet connection most of the way, I am just posting some photos of a few towns and fantastic scenery we managed to see along the way. What a astounding two months we have had! Brazil here we come!

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