Tuesday, May 21, 2013


As life moves on, I find my scope changes and my world gets a little smaller in terms of the people I trust and love, those who one keeps close and who one turns to. If you reflect on it - you'll realise that some of those you think of now in times of need or just happiness, are quite different from even a year ago. I suppose this is the continuous evolution of your mind, heart and spirit... Your life progressing and shifting as you change and grow older. Or I'm just a very changeable creature. Nah, its evolution. Fact is, I'm a very lucky girl with the people I have in my life - feel like I ought to tell them.

Genesis. I was on my parents balcony this afternoon in the sunshine, looking at the fresh greenery of the garden after days of rain and I realised how much I love this country. How much I love seeing coconut trees at every possible turn, hearing the birds and the distant bus horns. I feel like I'm turning a small corner on this strange feeling I've been having for the past 6 months, though I'm not sure where its going... 

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Nice photos :)