Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Electric Peacock Festival 2013. EPIC.

The Electric Peacock Festival happened again. We did it, we achieved what we hoped and in fact more than we expected which is such an incredibly weird feeling. Having woken up with dread and despair in my stomach in the past, to feel happy, to nod knowingly and hear so much praise it has been an extremely humbling and motivating experience. Tinie Tempah, New Young Pony Club, Asvajit, Muku, Good Music Movement, Julius Mitchell and Naadro Drummers created our stellar line up, each to their own - loved for different reasons and all tied together by this platform we have built over the past 4 years.

I so didn't want to do it 3 weeks ago, but I was on an unstoppable course that both Tasha and I had set ourselves on months before.

We had thousands of people who came to us with their belief and support, our friends smiling at us from the crowds, strangers patting you on the back saying how much fun they were having... it was immense. The moment I will never forget is standing on the side of the stage by the sound desk, with Tinie's manager Dumi and PR guy Junior, watching Tinie start to sing "Written in the Stars" and him standing there in disbelief at the crowds roaring in a unified voice. Screaming the words back at him. Every. Single. Word. It was so loud and energetic and hungry... all of the things we had claimed for the past 4 years, while sitting in multiple offices of companies making our tireless pitch on why this country needs live music experiences and being met with mediocre stares and sluggish responses. Only a few saw our vision and they came on board. So that moment, I realised Tasha and I were right. We knew that what we were trying to achieve was being proved right by thousands of people in front of us.

All the stress, blood, sweat and tears were worth it then.

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