Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Lapse. Again.

I think life completely ran away with me these past few months, seems to be a pattern. Or just busy. So here's a summary of what I have been doing, this way I can expand on them later in no particular order or preference!

Finished massive project for Honda - launch of CR-Z at Amplify, The Dream Factory

Went for Jim's dress up party (amongst many others which photos shouldn't feature for a number of drunken reasons!)

On my own again, freelancing and pursuing my feature films and documentary projects (sorry, its still secret)

We bought a flat! Finally! It is gorgeous and has a small garden and we are still decorating - stressful but so heart warming

We went to Glastonbury, worked to build the Greenpeace field and heavily involved in concept, design and build of the Rainforest Showers before the fest started - Lee's idea from our experience in the Amazon, and wow what an incredible 10 days that was. The best Glasto ever: all the pics here with a taster below!

Dressing up for our mass wedding - we married 18 people, biggest ever!

Just hanging out by the campfire with the Greenpeace crew

Night before the crowds descend - we didn't want them to come!